Friday, December 14, 2007

Because I love the Office

and because my life has become crazy and I'm too exhausted to post anything worthwhile it seems.... here's a You Tube Clip I found of Office actor, BJ Novak doing stand-up on the well-known "72 virgins" story.

You know what I love about this? EVERY comedian did a bit on this. And almost every single one of them went at the joke from the angle of: "yeah, they were so ugly/disgusting/annoying/fat they couldn't get laid on earth--- haha, screw you terrorists!"

But then there's BJ Novak. Who makes a funny joke (I think) but manages to look at it from the angle of what this means for the women in this fundamentalist, scary world. Brave move. Smart move. And still funny. You see, you don't have to stoop to misogyny for laughs!


*sigh* I miss the Office.