Sunday, January 29, 2006

Let's ask the men

1 Jessica Alba
2 Sienna Miller
3 Angelina Jolie
4 Brazilian model Adriana Lima (No. 1 last year)
5 "Access Hollywood" correspondent Maria Menounos
6 Charlize Theron
7 Jessica Biel
8 singer, Amerie
9 Natalie Portman
10 Eva Longoria.

According to an online survey from "" these are the top ten women that men would most want a relationship with, would consider marrying or thought best-suited to be the mother of their children.

Okay, I don't blame men. All those women seem very attractive to me. Although I had to look up #8. But what does that have to do with having a relationship or what's more-- raising children with someone?

I mean, I like Joaquin Phoenix and all but the guy is clearly crazy. How and more importantly why would you pick someone from Hollywood to have a relationship with?

I was sad to find out that there is no such site as "" but I think it would be a curious experiment to repeat this same survey but do it asking women. I'd cast my vote for a Dennis Quaid or Tom Hanks type. They seem more marriage material than say, Justin Timberlake. They're older and they seem more stable and yet, still cute.

On that same note, do any of the guys I know have any input on who their #1 celebrity woman would be?

I can already guess for the sexy boyfriend... Scarlet Johanson anyone?


Sarah said...

I was thinking about who my #1 choice would be for a celebrity, and seeing as how I am madly in love with Gavin DeGraw, I would have to choose him. There's something about Bruce Willis though, and suddenly I feel the need to watch Die Hard. Denzel Washington would also be quite high on the list.

Anonymous said...

Those women would never make good wives! Celebrity couples never last, and the men that think they want those women listed as wives probably wouldn't once they got to know those women. Ok, seriously, looks are not everything, if fact, they tell very little about a person. I have met the most wonderful people that society would probably not find attractive. Who cares!

drew said...

Kate Winslet, of course. She's already a moms, still beautiful, smart, great actress, yadda yadda.