Friday, February 24, 2006

It has to be said...

I have to be honset... and it's hard. Are you ready?

I understand people who are pro-life.

If I was pregnant I wouldn't think about the "fetus" I was carrying, I'd think about my baby. I am not pro-abortion. But I can't be pro-life either because what they stand for isn't practical for women.

Awhile ago, someone commented on my blog, "Ok, get over your men are against women attitude!!! Seriously, we live in the 21st century now and women are treated equally to men."

But when you open your eyes to what is happening, you can see that women are not being treated equally... If you don't believe me, click on some of my links. "Where's the outrage" "Planned Parenthood" or "Choice Magazine."

We've all heard the news of what is going on in S.D. but that isn't the full story...

Let's imagine you're a woman in South Dakota

You cannot get birth control

A recent bill, HB1183, would have mandated that insurance companies cover contraception for women. Logic: Insurance companies in S.D. do cover erectile disfunction drugs. BILL WAS VOTED DOWN.

If you are raped...

Measure SB175 would have required medical facilities to provide information about emergency contraception to rape victims. Opponents said, "There’s another voice that needs to be heard, and that is of the baby.” MEASURE WAS VOTED DOWN.

If a rape or incest results in pregnancy...

Bill HB1132, would have cut parental rights for rapists whose victims become pregnant and decide to have their babies.

The measure would have applied in cases of rape and incest, requiring judges to terminate parental rights of convicted rapists because rapists have sought to visit children only to harass their victims in hopes of getting out of child-support payments.

The bill would have allowed judges to order criminals to make restitution to their victims and payments for the support of children born as a result of rapes.

Tell me how I'm equal in that situation?

PS: More trouble rising in S.D.
If this law passed, it could endanger women's rights across the nation.

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Brittany said...

what a sad day for women and men everywhere. i fear SD's law will spread like wildfire. :(