Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Don't give DOVE props just yet

I love these ads. Mainstream advertising has been screaming for something bold and true like this. Not that there's anything wrong with skinny models but it isn't right that the majority of women represented in ads are young, white, blonde, and fat free. Women come in all ages, colors and body types. It's so great to see women's products marketing to this truth. They are playing a crucial role in ending the hypocrisy where there is only one acceptable and "beautiful" type of woman.

The campaign for real beauty is also a great movement.

However, I just learned that Dove is a subsidiary of Unilever. Axe is also a subsidiary of Unilever.

Axe spray for men is also affiliated with the Order of Serpentine another Axe product that advertises to men with the phrase "Clean body. Clean conscience." They say "Use this product to scrub away memories of questionable hookups"-- you know, with ugly chicks.

Har har.

Now, I try to have a sense of humor. I get that they're marketing to men and sometimes they are humorous. Lines like "A wall of beer cans, wow you're so awesome" are so wildly unlikely, it is funny. I mean, what guy doesn't dream of women who are turned on by video games, beer and baseball. But there comes a point ...

I am sick of seeing these commercials where the man sprays Axe all over himself (and way too much, I might add) and suddenly women, all slender, with huge boobs (often in schoolgirl outfits) are attacking this man and ripping his clothes off. This isn't funny. It's lame and rather insulting.

How can we buy this message "See women as real people, real individuals who come in many shapes and sizes. Respect them and love them because they are beautiful" when at the same time we have products marketed to men advocating how to be a "Player non regretis."

There has to be smarter ways to market to men while not objectifying women.

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Tyler M Tupa said...

The bottom line for these companies is that they have to meet...a bottom line. If they don't aggressively advertise to their market then someone else will.

It's the nature of the beast.