Thursday, January 25, 2007

Women Know

**Not my wisdom here. I took this off a poster in the abortion clinic where I work...


We women know when it is or is not the right time to bring a child into this world.

We use our heads and our hearts to see clearly the pros and cons of our three choices: parenting, placing for adoption or having an abortion.

We know better than anyone else what we can and can not handle emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally.

We have wisdom enough to know our own limits and strength enough to admit them.

We know when the choice of abortion can prevent the harsh consequences of bringing a child into this world when we are not ready or able to do our child justice.

We act out of compassion when we wait to have a child until the time when we can give it the kind of life every child deserves.

We act out of love when we consider what we would be taking away from the child or children we already have if we brought another into our family now.

We take care of our mental health by making decisions that limit the strain we place upon ourselves and those we love.

We take care of our physical health by considering our medical history and the risks that come with pregnancy, labor and delivery.

We take care of our spiritual well-being each in our own way, trusting our faith to provide:

Infinite Love
Complete Understanding
Boundless Compassion

We think clearly when we call our abortion decision one of "self care" rather than calling ourselves selfish.

We must care for ourselves before we care for another human being.

We see clearly beyond a well-wisher’s words
"I'll help you out if you have the baby..."

We know that the responsibility for raising the child will fall squarely on our shoulders.

We have foresight enough to know that "having a baby" doesn’t stop with infancy. It means raising a child who will need our financial support, time, and attention for as long as it takes that child to become an independent adult.

Women throughout all time and throughout the world have made the decision to have an abortion, whether or not abortion was safe and legal.

Women have risked their own lives to avoid bearing a child they could not adequately care for.

Women in the past drank teas made from plants know to cause abortion. In desperation, some inserted long thin objects into their cervix, and others douched with poisonous liquids to cause an abortion. Some methods cost women their lives. Childbirth, miscarriage and abortion are all part of women's lives.

Women of childbearing age from every generation, occupation, income level race and religion have had abortions, including great grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, great aunts and aunts, sisters, daughters, best friends, teachers, ministers, doctors, and daycare workers.

And when others use TV commercials, billboards, bumper stickers, speeches and sermons to make us feel guilty about having an abortion…

WE WOMEN KNOW THE TRUTH: that given certain circumstances abortion is the most morally responsible and loving choice we can make.

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Anonymous said...

Amen to that, Sister.