Thursday, January 15, 2009

I suck lately

I have not been blogging here and it's totally lame.

But I did blog here.

It's about men who work as clinic escorts.

So there's that

*I know, it's still uncool*


ouyangdan said...

Rock on w/ the PP blogging!

Can I say one thing? I don't want to tell you how to write on your blog...but I get a little cringy w/ the use of "lame" b/c of the ableist connotations...but it is totally my personal thing, and will not make a rift b/t us over it. Just my two cents.

I LOVE you PP post. It is great to see men realize and work towards a woman's right to choose, while not acting like they have to swoop in and save it. Here you have men helping where they are very well needed, and not pushing us aside to do our work for us. Well written!

Tobes said...

Ouyangdan, I appreciate your telling me that. I remember now that you mention it, Melissa at Shakesville saying the same thing. And I was SHOCKED. Cause I thought that was one of those harmless, totally safe words. I use it constantly on an every day basis

But I will think twice now for sure.

You are so nice :)