Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Abortion debate

I would never advocate abortion, but there are situations in which it is necessary. There are many reasons. Check out this website: (http://lilithfund.blogspot.com/) for examples.

There may be a case where a woman's life is at risk, her baby has severe health problems, she was a victim of rape or abuse etc.

In our society NO ONE is running around advocating abortion as a form of birth control. Abortion is a medical procedure that carries risk and it can leave women emotionally scarred. And yet-- with all that, women still get abortions, just as they have been doing for thousands of years. Why? Because they believe it is their best option. If you take away this right, not only will women turn to back alley abortions but you also devalue a woman as a person, making the fetus, not the woman the important factor and you also make grave assumptions about a woman's ability to rightly govern her own life.

By revoking Roe, we tell women...

We don't trust you. Nor do we find you morally capable to make this important decision about your life and body. Since you have clearly demonstrated your inferiority by getting yourself into "this situation" we are going to take over now. We will impose our best judgment so we can make sure the correct decisions are made.

Do you not see the problem in telling a woman she is not mentally or morally equipped to make the best decision? What else are these people going to decide for us? When to fulfill our birth control (that's already happening). When our cry of rape is really justified (senator in Rapid City already has a great method for discering real victims... see post on "The war on sex").

And not just women should be worried...

Are people suffering from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease going to be ignored when stem cell research is available to heighten their quality of life (clearly the answer is yes). What if you are injured so severely that you have no brain function? Is someone in government going to tell your family when it's okay to let you go in peace?

We cannot let our government be bought or bullied by a small minority of ultra-conservative, sex-police. What's next? We come up with ways to medically "reform" homosexuals. How about opening a squad of sex police to patrol our streets? Look out-- no oral sex or god forbid masturbating... can't have anything that doesn't result in a baby! That's not what God intended! Really? Whose God? I don't think my God has met your God.

A woman's pregnancy is a very personal thing. You cannot step in along the way and force her to take certain pre-natal pills or attend "mom-to-be" yoga. You cannot take our pills and force us to pump out children. We will make decisions about what happens in our bedroom and in our womb. And we will give you the courtesty to make your own decisions as well. If you want natural family planning and a bible in every room. If you want to march the street advocating adoption-- please go ahead. It's a wonderful cause.

But keep your laws, your rules, your morality and YOUR GOD off our body.

I will discuss my decisions with my God, not yours.

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Sarah said...

This is exactly how I feel about this issue also, I know I have said this before and in my own blog too. I think what you have said is the point that a lot of people miss when you say you are pro-choice; they think you are just pro-abortion and don't get what 'pro-choice' really means. There is a Facebook group at UNL called 'Your Mom Is Pro-Life' and it makes me so mad every time I see that group. I want to post on the board, "No, my mom is pro-choice, and she CHOSE to have me." I have said it before and I am sure I will say it many times again, I do not feel that having an abortion is something I could ever personally do, but I have also never been faced with having to make such a difficult decision. However, that doesn't mean that just because I think I couldn't, doesn't mean that I should not have that option should the necessary situation arise. My body is my property and I will never live in a place where I am told I do not have the right to make that decision for myself.