Monday, March 20, 2006


This blog is about empowerment.

For men and women.

A great part of that empowerment will happen when women *in or out of relationships* can access contraception and plan their families.

This blog will discuss many aspects of choice and politics and along the way might have some random posts and trivia. Getting off topic is always fun. These are heavy issues, after all.

Please, from here on out be respectful in comments. Passion and convictions are welcome, vulgarity and threats are not.

Thank you


Taylor Skonde said...

The only thing this blog empowers is you enormous ego.

Adrienne said...

The first sign of an ego problem is when you say, "This isn't just about me, it's about all women everywhere." And when I clicked on all those super egotistical links with all those stories about other people, I just knew that tobes had to have the biggest head about herself. I mean, that is the definition of having a huge ego, right? Someone who is always thinking about.... other... people...?

Good point taylor. Kudos.