Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A great CD

Just bought Pink's new CD I'm Not Dead

So far it's awesome. The song "Stupid Girls" has got a fair amount of airplay is a great feminist anthem.

But my new fave is Track 5 "Dear Mr. President" (click for GREAT lyrics)

Another funny/female rock anthem Track 9 "U + Ur Hand"
Great anthem for those guys at bars who think they're God's gift only to discover that -- tough luck, just cause they buy us a beer doesn't mean we have to take 'em home. Such a great song.
More coming soon.

Personally love Track 8 "Leave me Alone (I'm Lonely)"
I get it so much... how many times have I told my boyfriend to just go away all ready and then the minute he does, "Wait come back!"

All in all, Pink is a rockin' female vocalist and she has real guts behind some of these lyrics!

More coming soon...I have comments to publish etc but just got back from vacation.

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Sarah said...

The cd definitely kicks ass, I like Pink and there really are not a whole lot of female singers I like. I think this mostly has to do with the fact that most of them sing too high for me. Have you seen the video for 'Stupid Girls'? It is hilarious, though I am sure someone is going to have a problem with you liking the song/cd/Pink, etc. Oi.