Thursday, June 08, 2006

Great articles

A great article:

What happens when there's no Plan B -- very interesting and illuminating.

Another interesting read:


Just makes you mad to read it... One pro-life group states, "The mind-set that invites a couple to use contraception is an antichild mind-set."

Ummmm, okay? And I guess we can't enjoy married life sexually unless we're wanting to create children? No common sense... so sad.

I cannot fathom why people put up this intensly silly argument..

"Sexual union in marriage ought to be a complete giving of each spouse to the other, and when fertility (or potential fertility) is deliberately excluded from that giving I am convinced that something valuable is lost. A husband will sometimes begin to see his wife as an object of sexual pleasure who should always be available for gratification."

That's just plain old offensive to men. Suddenly if men know they can have sex with their wife without possibility for a child, he'll decide she's simply an object... as opposed to the other option where women are supposed to be incubator-like objects, ready to pop out a kid at any moment?

People who make arguments like that are the REAL problem. Apparently they are incapable of finding any respect, spirituality or love in sexual relationships. They feel "dirty" and "used" for pleasure when they have sex. But you know what I say to them? That is your issue, not mine! The fact that you find sex so damaging... take that up with your therapist. But leave the majority of people (those who can enjoy married life and a healthy, happy and nurturing sexual relationship) ALONE. Leave them alone! They want to enjoy sex and there's nothing wrong with that! You cannot dictate when other Americans bear children.

Get a new soapbox.

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