Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fat girls should be raped and NEVER have careers

The news this week is not fat-friendly.

Take this gem where a lawyer claimed that the victim of a gang rape was so fat she would have been "glad of the attention."

I wonder how that works anyway. For every pants size you go up does that mean your enjoyment of rape increases?

The there's this which made me see red. Literally, things were turning red

I agree with one of the video responses to this where a young man says "you say all you see when you look at Jordin is diabetes and heart disease? When I look at you all I see is a bitch!"

I had this to say to Meme Roth. You can contact her at


To: Meme Roth and National Action Against Obesity
I'd like to express my horror and shock at seeing the fox news clip calling Jordin Sparks obese. I commend encouraging people to live healthier lives but what kind of bully are you going on NATIONAL TV and calling a beautiful 17-year-old women fat? You tell viewers not to vote for Jordin because of the childhood obesity epidemic and the message it will send. That doesn't make any kind of sense. No one wants to be fat. Even at a young age, children are aware that it's bad to be fat-- a social taboo. Other kids make fun of them and its hard to find clothes that fit. You must be crazy to think that kids look at full figured people on TV and think "oh that's cool. I guess I can be fat too."

The TRULY crazy part of this argument is that Jordin Sparks it NOT FAT. She is very healthy looking with some beautiful curves. Not every one of us can be thin, blonde white women after all, Meme! Jordin is the picture of physical health, maybe she could lose some weight (how many of us couldn't) but I would argue she doesn't need to. Her body is beautiful-- not obese. The 40 pounds of weight loss you suggested is clearly out of line. Why are you promoting an unhealthy Hollywood stick-figure ideal? THIS is the stuff that is making our young girls sick with anorexia and bulimia.

I think you owe Jordin and her family an apology for trying to humiliate her on national TV to further your witch-hunt cause, "OH LOOK-- a fat person... let's call a press conference!" Yes, people should take care of themselves but by shaming people or insinuating that anyone you deem "overweight" shouldn't --- what--- have singing careers, have jobs, have a happy normal life-- what are you accomplishing? YOU ARE SICK. You make me sick. If you look at someone carrying an extra few pounds and all you see is heart disease and diabetes maybe YOU need therapy. Try looking at the person and minding your own business. Jordin looks great, she does not need your help and she does not need to be your obesity whipping girl.

You have completely devalued what could have been a great cause and I will make sure everyone I know also loathes what you stand for: Sizeism and cruelty.


It sure sucks to be a plus size woman this week

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Sabyn said...

I'd have to agree with the guy - isnt THAT a switch that a GUY stood up for the "fat girl"...- she IS NOT obese. Meme you are anorexic and Im sick of the death-size 0-look of Hollywood et al. SKINNY PEOPLE ALSO get diabetes and high cholesterol (Example: David Letterman, a very thin man who was a 5 mile a day (or more) jogger- he told on his show, after his surgery, his cholesterol was 600 something) YOU better watch out that may come back to bite YOU in the ass.

I agree we need to eat healthy. I already told my little story here and I think someone erased it for some reason, about going on an organic diet and losing 43 (47 now) lbs by Dec, and that my sugars went down as did my cholesterol to within normal and even low (sugars) and I was able to stop my medication (with doctor approval, though he was not well versed on the organic diet...) Someone else here has been trying to tell about this and she or he keeps getting CENSORED. Im shocked at that. The book cited, about genetic engineering? I would challenge you ALL to readit before you censor it. I am a 56 year old woman, mother, who raised her son alone (divorced when he was 3). I have done many things and consider myself an intelligent, strong woman. I am not an uber feminist, and I severely disagree with censorship. How petty. Being fat is NOT OK - and this is coming from someone who balooned up BAD after having to take steroid medication in the mid 90s. It took me years to get that off and I always had a tendency to gain it, or part of it, back. UNTIL ORGANIC foods. You can argue the definition of organic all you want - it simply means unadulterated as much as chemicals, no unnecessary dyes, no bleached white refined sugar (the bane of our existence, its what causes those terrible cravings and almost impossible cravings that cause us to not be able to lose). Although our friend may be blunt and not say it exactly as you would like in this overly "PC" happy world - he is right about the basics. I am living proof the difference it can make in your life. Its not a cure ALL, yet..that I can see; but Im almost back down to "fighting weight" preproblems size. I still have lupus and fibromyalgia and WISH for remission everyday. WHo knows, maybe that will come with more time. I am against what this woman said on national TV; the girl is NOT OBESE..but it brings up the subject and we need to also stop the "its ooookaay to be fat" some try to live by. Its NOT ok and as the above writer says, we all KNOW its not from childhood and do NOT need cruelty. We need healthy foods to eat and the regular food chain has been messed with terribly. Look, read, listen, research, try it before you censor it.
I cant see her name now where Im writing, Meme Roth? I agree with original poster: All I see it a BLINDED bitch, blinded by the "Hollywood death-look, striving for size 0...and again I will warn that skinny people develop diabetes and high cholesterol TOO. YES it can be from the foods you eat (Cholesterol) can also be an inherited trait. So be careful. I wish those size 0s would put on some weight they look terrible. Naturally thin people look fine because they were born that way and are built to be; but the ones that destroy their health to be a size 0 look like a bag of bones and it AGES them terribly fast. Lets see Meme again in a coupla years.