Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy be-lated Independence Day!

Well I'm a little late on this but I wanted to say Happy 4th of July and I hope you all had a good one.

I was lucky that I could spend the holiday with my family. Even though it meant driving 18 hours (round trip) and begging my mother for gas money. Actually, I didn't have to beg too much, she really wanted me to make it -- but I think I may be recruited to help clean the house one of these days. Small price to pay I suppose.

Hanging out with cousins, aunts, uncles and Grandma was a blast. Politics is not on the menu when we get together as a family. Some are conservative Christians and have Focus on the Family magazine in their bathroom (eesh) and others are progressive types. But the nice thing is we can put that aside and enjoy each other's company. I laughed so hard and ate so much good food that it could be criminal.

We also played one disastrous volleyball game where Sexy Boyfriend face planted, my uncle pulled a leg muscle, my cousin cut herself (with her own fingernails) and was bleeding and I took a volleyball in the face AND stepped in dog poop.

NO ONE in our family is coordinated (or lucky) apparently.

I'm late on this but I wanted to share the post I wrote for Planned Parenthood called Happy 4th of July! Keep supporting Reproductive Rights!

I hope whatever you were up to on the 4th of July, you were in good company.


ouyangdan said...

a special dedication to you at my site!

Bianca Reagan said...

18 hours? That's crazy talk. I don't think I've lasted more than 5 hours in a car. And that was not so great.

Adrienne said...

18 HOURS?!?!?! grrrr. that sounds dangerously like someone drove to my part of the woods and didn't stop by to see me.