Friday, July 11, 2008

Pardon me while I freak out

RQ, I feel your pain....

I couldn't settle down after watching this netflix movie.

Several times in the documentary people mention how strong women are and how amazing giving birth is.

I've never had children. And now I'm officially to scared to do it naturally OR in a hospital.

See, I've had major abdominal surgery and it sucked hardcore... so c-sections are out. And I think I'm dying when I have the flu, so not sure how my wimpy ass would tackle natural labor pains.

I guess that leaves adoption because I watched those women give birth vaginally and all I could think was, "UMMM, HOW IS THIS HAPPENING?"


The Red Queen said...

Darling Tobes- I had a c-section. They numb you up so you don't feel pain, but you still feel pressure and movement. It's a bit like having someone try to pull your insides out with a meat hook and not caring.

I haven't seen the Business of Being Born, but since I am alllllllllllllllllllll done having babies, I don't want to.

ouyangdan said...

i gotta tell you, being pregnant is horrible. i hated it. i was so fucking miserable. honestly, i would have no problem letting men do it (except that I have a theory about morning sickness and how if men could bear children abortion would be all legal and easy to get all the time).

giving birth i mostly was over too fast for me to complain too much...but pregnancy...holy crap. did you ever get to read my thoughts on pregnancy at thinkgirl? maybe i can find the link somewhere...

why would you watch that at night?

Tobes said...

You guys make me smile. Ouyangdan you DO need to send me that link.

Why DID I watch this movie? It scares me.

ouyangdan said...

I found the link. It ran at Think Girl in May.


it's not all about pregnancy...but I really nailed the way I feel about it.

Sarah said...

I feel the same way you do Tobes. During our sex ed portion of Health we showed the kids live birth videos, both c-section and vaginal births. The whole time I was cringing right along with the kids, I just hid it well. Everyone else can have their babies the regular way, the stork is bringing mine.