Monday, December 25, 2006

Politically Correct?

You hear so many people (most of them conservatives) bitching about how we are too politically correct these days. Waaaaa waaa.

Read this story about the most shocking conservative statements of 2006 and you'll see these people clearly have no problem saying hateful, stupid things without any factual backing or really-- any point.

Pretty sure some of these people are going straight to hell for their cruelty.

My personal fave is Rush Limbaugh going on about the obesity crisis-- blaming it on democrats, liberals and welfare.... um, Rush, looked in a mirror lately?

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Adrienne said...

yeah i know that back home the first sign of a conservative is their always jogging, doing sit ups, and challenging each other to weight lifting contests. you can see them every morning drinking fifty eggs while they run laps around the mcdonalds shouting obscenities at all the poor folk who have no choice but to eat there because their foodstamps are marked special for egg mcmuffins. give me a break.