Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Why pro-choice and Christian do not contradict

I haven't been to a church service in ages. I went every Wednesday this past summer -- an amazing track record for me, but it didn't hurt that I lived next door to a church. Now that school has started, I mostly attend for holidays or weddings etc. I am going through this whole period in life where I feel strongly against organized religion and in particular my branch of the church. I haven't seen my church make enough of a stand on important social issues and its been too frustrating for me. I'm young and too impatient to watch change come about slowly.

I still feel like I'm continuing a relationship with God but I kind of need to do it on my own for awhile. Anyway, I spend a lot of time praying while I walk to class. Today I thanked God for giving us a medically safe abortion procedure. Wacky huh? But I just realized lately how much of a gift it is for some women. To have a safe, clean and trustworthy environment go to when they need to terminate a pregnancy.

On my campus, I have organized a few pro-choice events. Now I am becoming known as a public figure who supports choice. Consequently, women, some who I've never met before, are approaching me. Some face to face, some through e-mail but all tellling me their story. Their courage is inspiring. And I thank God that they choose to share with me.

Today a girl came up to me and thanked me on behalf of her mother who had been raped 20 some years ago and had to obtain an abortion. Then the girl thanked me again because she herself was in the position of an unwanted pregnancy and was seeking abortion.

One woman told me she had been medically sterilized only to become one of the tiny statistics of women who still become pregnant.

They have thanked our campus group for being vocal in supporting choice because it gives them hope, or shows them that there are people who understand.

It is a blessing that women in our society are (currently) guaranteed a safe way out. I will protect that right until my dying breath because now I know.... even more than I did before... that this right is essential for every woman.

Before I heard that stat that 'one in three' women will get an abortion in her lifetime. I could never believe it. Now I do and all I can do is pray to God in thankfullness that our science has given women options. And also pray that people continue to speak out and protect these essential freedoms.

Wonder what the church would think of that prayer? Ha!

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