Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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New google blogger is proving to be frustrating. I still get comments in my mailbox for moderation but when I log in to moderate them it turns out there's a bunch more hiding that were never e-mailed to me. Consequently some of our posts have been updated today with more comments. If you notice that your comment is not showing up and have reason to think this is an error, please contact me:


Don't be shocked if you never see your comment if it was a violent, disgusting threats etc but for the most part I publish even the most offensive of comments. See any comment forum here for proof.

Furthermore, anti-feminist comments will not be published if you attempt to be cute and name yourself "tobes" -- that's MY name and I will not be associated with your lack of common sense.

And since I couldn't pull this topic off any better, may I direct you here for an EXCELLENT discussion of christianity and contraception. Seriously, you WANT to read it-- it's brilliant.


Anonymous said...


Tobes said...

That story primarily illustrates why it should always be the woman's choice-- no matter the age, position in society etc.

The clinic I work at... we take all the women into an individual one-on-one session where we make sure that this decision is entirely up to them and not being pressured by a parent or boyfriend, husband etc.

We have sent a young girl home because it was her parents wish, not hers. When we explained to her mother that we would not perform the abortion, the mother went crazy and threatened her daughter so we ended up calling social services.

Interesting but very sad story.

Anonymous said...

What happens when the girl wants an abortion, but the boyfriend wishes to keep the child?

Tobes said...

Well, that would be a sad situation but unfortunately he has no say. It's her body, her choice. No one can force a woman to have an abortion against her will. And no one can force her to bear a child against her will. This includes parents and partners.

While this would be sad, men can protect themselves by using protection and talking frankly with women who they have sexual relationships with. Communicate clearly how you feel about unplanned pregnancy so you never feel betrayed when they do choose to terminate.

A woman carrying a pregnancy is not carrying someone's child. She is carrying a potential child which is dependent on her. It is her body, her medical decision... always.

Anonymous said...

"Well, that would be a sad situation but unfortunately he has no say."

Incorrect. haha

Tobes said...

legally he would NOT have any say...

ha ha?