Thursday, February 08, 2007

Don't even say it

This is what the anti-sex, abstinence only, religious right movement is leading us too...

Because the worse thing you could possibly do is talk about a vagina

Yes, god forbid you explain to your young daughter what a vagina is.

Because if she knows she has a vagina, she might touch it or decide that she's a wild sex fiend with no morals.

Nevermind that you're taking a medical term for a part of the body and making it dirty and shameful.

Nevermind that by refusing to name these parts you leave young girls vulnerable.

Really...How do you tell your parents that someone is touching you innapropriately if your parents have already made it quite clear that anything there is not to be talked about, and makes them mad/uncomfortable.

Specifically how do you tell someone that someone is touching you if you don't even know the name of the part they're touching.

This is so unbelievable. Why are people indulging these nutjobs?

The word Vagina is not offensive!!

You can bet Eve Ensler is not gonna take this shit lying down.


Kay P. said...

I'm not taking it either. The word of the week, for both my daughters and my son, is now "vagina." VAGINA! VAGINA!
VAGINA! (three words, I guess)

Adrienne said...

ooooooooooh my god.

okay first of all, how ridiculous-- if the little girl could READ the word, she should know what it is. Especially if she can sound out the word 'vagina' and 'monologue' and DOESN'T ask what monologue is, but asked what vagina was. Sounds to me like she EXACTLY what it was and wanted to see her aunt get her 'hoohaa' in a wad.

And why the hell was she embarrassed, anyway? If it had said, 'Arm Monologue' would she have had a rough time explaining that? She could have just said, "It's your private area." Or, "It's where you go to the bathroom." This young girl probably didn't need a full blown explanation with color diagrams and bullet points about all the functions of a vagina (although that wouldn't really hurt, either).

And thirdly, I'm a little offended that the newscaster gave that list of censored words for vagina. That's a body part, you jerk, and if you'd ever been close to one in your life you'd know that it's somethign to be respected, not made fun of.

And lastly, when someone writes a play called, "The Sloppy Wet Runny Cunt Monologue That Needs Some Serious Dicking" then we can have this discussion. Not before.

plain(s)feminist said...

Hee hee. We just did a production of the Vagina Monologues on my campus - it was a big hit - and the cast thought this was just ridiculous.

And adrienne, I LOVED your comment.

Tobes said...

Yes, Adrienne's post doesn indeed rock my socks off :)

Adrienne said...