Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This is why religion scares me

At first I thought it was just the Catholics with their mandatory natural family planning courses and anti-birth control policies. But now we see that idiocy in church doctrine spreads denominations.

Victim-blaming never got so low.

"When she became pregnant with Amyx's child at age 18, church leaders forced her to go before the congregation and ask forgiveness as an unwed mother. But the congregation was never told it was Amyx's baby."

Amyx being a church leader.

ps: The graphic is not related to this story but it's a fabulous book and I highly recommend it for all those progressive Christians out there.


Mwah said...

ehhh im a catholic, communed and confirmed and i use condomz and am being put on the pill at 16, like most of my friends. people have ideaz bout catholicz that really really arnet true!!

Tobes said...

Mwah, I should have been more specific. I meant Catholic clergy and rules.

Plenty of Catholic followers are pro-choice and use contraception. Hell, they even have groups like Catholics for Choice.

However, Catholic rule dictates against condoms, birth control and anything that isn't natural family planning.

So while you may be normal, the MEN running your church are... well... not.

Anonymous said...

tobes, catholic here, you don't know nearly as much about the catholic faith as you pretend to.

Tobes said...

Unfortunately I do. For one thing, my father is Catholic, as is my boyfriend. I grew up part of my life as a Catholic.

While I acknowledge that some priests may be more progressive than others and Catholic PEOPLE share different opinions (Catholics for choice) etc.

However, what comes out of the Vatican as official church doctrine is that contraception is forbidden. The priests are to teach natural family planning to all couples seeking marriage counseling.

CherryBox said...

When you say "boyfriend", you actually mean "girlfriend", right?

Tobes said...

No I actually mean boyfriend.

Not that there's any shame in being homosexual. I'd be more ashamed if I were you actually, making the same, tired old jokes.

Cherrybox: "heh, heh... she's a feminist. I bet she's a big lesbian too. I'll show her."


CherryBox said...

Cherrybox: "heh, heh... she's a feminist. I bet she's a big lesbian too. I'll show her."

In reality

Cherrybox: "She looks like a dude."

Tobes said...

OOOH burn. All that from an avatar.

Adrienne said...

maybe your avatar has been drinking protein shakes. :)

Hurray to Cherrybox for shedding light on a very crucial topic and opening the floor for groundbreaking discussion.

Give me a break.