Thursday, March 01, 2007

Women to love and loathe features an interesting article on women to love and loathe.

To love.....
Emme Aronson – One of the first plus sized supermodels
Waris Dirie: Crusader against female genital mutilation
Dr. Julie Gerberding: Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Dr. Wangari Maathai: 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner
Safiye Amajan: Afghan teacher
Dr. Ruth Simmons: First African-American woman to lead an Ivy League university
Zainab Salbi: Women for Women International
Kelly Perkins: Heart transplant recipient, mountain climber, organ donation advocate
Jody Williams: Founder of International Campaign Against Land Mines and winner of 1997 Nobel Peace Prize
Kathy Eldon: CEO and co-founder of Creative Visions Foundation

To Loathe...
Paris Hilton
Linda Hirshman
Lindsay Lohan
Ann Coulter
Britney Spears
Phyllis Schlafly
Marabel Morgan
Caitlin Flanagan
Sheila Jeffreys
Bratz Dolls

I agree with most of assessments. Who do you think they're missing from either list?

Also check out the section of:
Influential Women

**my two cents: I'm on board with the bratz dolls, Coulter, Schlafly etc but using Spears and Lohan seems a little low. Sure the may not have their priorities centered but going in and out of rehab isn't really what I consider to be the most embarrassing thing they could be doing for women everywhere. I'm more upset with Britney that she can't remember to put her underwear on. It's just sad because so many women in Hollywood allow themselves to be exploited, what makes Lohan any different from Jessica Simpson, Pussy Cat Dolls, any of the dancing women in hip hop videos?

However, I do agree on Hilton's status. She has always sickened me because I believe she is well aware of her exploited status and participates in it all too willingly.


Sarah said...

I think the assessment is pretty well done, though yeah I agree with you about Lohan and Company. They do what a lot of other women their age do, they're just celebs so we see and hear about it more often.

I did a post about Britney that I'm pretty sure you saw. My biggest issue with her is the fact that she has two children she claims that she wants to keep, yet, as you said, goes out in public completely drunk, without underwear. Does she honestly think a judge will let her keep her kids with her acting irresponsibly like that? Yes, a lot of people behave in such a way, but she has the disadvantage of having her exploits well-documented, being in the public eye. Either way though, she's lame. And now she looks like Sinead O'Connor.

Paris Hilton is an antrocity. Her sister Nicky on the other hand, I can actually respect. Odd how they can be sisters, huh?

As for Coulter, eh, she's proven time and again what a headcase she is, it's beating a dead horse. She bores me as well.

Adrienne said...

I feel bad for Brittany. I keep thinking about how if I had two small children and was going through a divorce, I would just want to go home to my mom and sit in a bathtub for a few days.... but with the media scrutinizing so close, probably anything she does looks crazy.

Sarah said...

That's true. But she was definitely not helping herself at all by partying all night like with trash like Paris. I just think she needs to grow up and take some responsibility, actually stay in rehab this time, and not expect everyone else to fix her mistakes for her. I was reading some article about the whole situation and how she needs people to help fix her and I think that notion is totally lame, she needs to do it herlf. That's not to say she shouldn't have help from those around her, she definitely needs it. She just needs to grow up a little, the things she does now is going to have a major effect on her children later on if she doesn't knock it off and start acting like a mother. She can be both a mother and a performer, but first she needs to get her head on straight.

Adrienne said...

I've been thinking about this post a lot lately because I work with thirty four women and sometimes-- ah ha!-- women are mean to each other for no apparent reason. I started thinking about how sometimes it isn't men, conservatives, or some weird take on religion that keeps women down, sometimes the problem is that we don't support each other.

Not trying to blast you or anything... just food for thought.

Tobes said...

No. I totally dig that Adrienne. I have been hearing this comment a lot lately from women "I just don't like hanging out with women, it really annoys me."

That comment makes me so sad. Who teaches them to think that way?

Sarah said...

I get where you're coming from, but as for the Britney sitch, I quit feeling bad for her a long time ago. I wasn't specifically looking at this as a gender issue, I also think Kevin Federline is a douche and needs to get his act together as well. They're kind of perfect for each other, though I do feel bad for their children.