Friday, June 29, 2007

Baby girls with body image-- HOW CUTE *not*

Good to know we're starting with this stereotypical crap early.

Get it... cause it's for a girl, so it's image/fat obsessed and in pink with glittery, twirly letters.

If I ever have a baby girl, I am not putting her in this. Why can't we have a little WONDER WOMAN onesies for our girls? Why are we making this idea 'cute' when girls younger and younger feel physically inadequate and think they need to diet? I mean seriously-- I just read something yesterday about 8-year-old girls DIETING!!


I know I'm taking this too seriously (I was in a pissy mood when I saw this at Target) but I'm just not amused. No baby BOY onesie said "Does this diaper give me a lopsided bulge?" So why are baby GIRL outfits putting this body image crap out there?

This isn't really anything to freak about I guess-- I just find it stupid. I should start a business for baby feminists where they can buy EMPOWERING onesies -- HA

Sorry for poor pic quality-- they came from my cell phone.

A better alternative...


Adrienne said...

I once saw a three year old girl with a onesie that said 'fetish.' No joke.

Meanwhile, this is one of those issues where I think that women need to learn to support each other. I was one of those eight year olds on a diet-- I remember my mom putting me on Atkins when I was in grade school-- and the crazy thing is that I didn't have a weight problem then. My older sister says she remembers my mom telling me to suck in when I was four. It was like my mom had some kind of self-image tied up in her perception of me.

And then I DID start gaining weight, and now I am overweight. I don't entirely blame my mom-- obviously I knew that eating all that pasta wasn't a great idea-- but I do in a way. I feel that she'd been telling me I was fat ever since I was four, so I had always assumed that I was. And then when I actually GOT fat, I didn't notice. And now when I look back at pictures of myself, I cant' believe how thin I was. My boyfriend looked at a picture of me in high school the other day and said, "Holy crap, you were a rail."

This is one of those very few situations where I think that other women are just as bad as the male-driven image of perfection. In fact, I've been told by more men that curves are feminine and sexy, and only once been told I was overweight by a male. But other women have told me I was overweight more times than I can count.

Lina said...

Jesus. Putting that shit on a baby... my God, it gets more and more depressing every day...
Great post!

Sarah said...

One of the toddlers at my new job was wearing the one about making her butt look big. It made me sad, especially when I saw her parents.