Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Purity Balls -- great for those "touch-feely" dads

I'm stealing this disgusting tidbit from Feministing.

This clip is the creepiest six minutes ever. The dad (who feministing rightly labels "pseudo-incestuous") is obsessed with his daughters purity. And the mom says that women were "created to feel accepted by men."

What a great message for their daughters. Your entire purpose in this world is to stay "pure" (not even kissing before marriage) for your husband. You weren't created to have any autonomy of your own, follow your own dreams and passions, but rather to be completed by a man.

During their purity pledge, the girls promise to offer themselves "as a priceless gift." All while wearing prom dresses and dancing close with their fathers-- who also take them on dates-- ugh.

Part of me looks at this and sees potential. Plently of women I know are unhappy with their relationship with their father. I myself have always wanted to be closer with my dad and was jealous when friends talked about how they were "daddy's girls." I have often jokes that my dad-daughter time ended abruptly the minute I grew boobs and he forgot how to talk to me. *sigh*

However, I don't want a relationship that's based on dad's protection of my precious hymen or my "potential worth" for nameless future husband. I like the idea of father's establishing relationships with daughters, valuing them and wanting the best for them in future relationships. However, this isn't really about a woman, but about a woman's worth as sexually pure.

And Leslee Unruh, I have a question-- What the F*&%^ is up with the bridal gown and suit of armor behind you? Crazy woman! Is this something to do with the pure, princess/white knight fairytale?

Excuse me while I shudder.


Anonymous said...

"Hear Me Roar", and you're complaining about incest. Tsk, tsk.

(No, I did not honestly expect you to get that. Yes, the purity ball is incredibly wrong. But allow me my post-awesome-book kick of insanity.)

Adrienne said...

If my dad were so interested in my hymen I'd be kind of inclined to have it removed, put in a jar, and wrapped as a Christmas gift. Then he could protect it himself.

Anonymous said...


That's much more twisted than this ball in question.

Tobes said...


Good thing she was clearly kidding.

wow... WHOOSH!!!!