Friday, November 09, 2007

Bill O'Reilly: Still stupid

How this woman keeps composure is beyond me.

I'm so glad she was on to constantly call Bill on his heaping pile of BS.

O'Reilly takes offense that a lesbian couple was voted a "cutest couple" in a high school yearbook. He doesn't think sexuality should have any place in the school, but he does say he wouldn't be upset if the couple were heterosexual.

Basically good ol' Bill associates homosexuals with their bedroom activity. This defines them. Whereas heterosexual people are complete people who have full lives and personalities, homos are people who do nasty things in the bedroom. They are not the norm.

Oh and it couldn't possibly be that the students like these girls--- the vote must be to "rile" up mom and dad. Yeah, just like that loud rock n' roll the kids like so much.


Sarah said...

Ugh, he makes me so effing mad. Clearly you can't be a cute couple if you're the same sex, because there's just no way on earth a couple could possibly be cute unless one has a penis and the other has a vagina. It obviously has nothing to do with the fact that they interact with one another the same way that a heterosexual couple might.

What a tool.

Can his program be cancelled yet? I think it's long over-due. In fact, we could just get rid of Fox News altogether, because everyone knows 'Fox' and 'News' is an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

"O'Reilly takes offense that a lesbian couple was voted a "cutest couple" in a high school yearbook. He doesn't think sexuality should have any place in the school, but he does say he wouldn't be upset if the couple were heterosexual."

You are really misconstruing the purpose of the show when you begin to consider his personal feelings on these topics. His job (and the purpose of his show) is to create lively debate on controversial topics and to represent both sides of the coin. Would you disagree that a lot of parents would be upset to see a lesbian couple shown in the yearbook? He pretty clearly states that his own feelings are irrelevant, and that he is simply representing a substantial subset of the population that feel their argument is legitimate. You can't be so dismissive, my friend, or you'll never change any minds. Rather than getting upset and saying "ugh" and "ass" 50k times each post, do some research.

You would do well to maintain a sort of distance when tackling issues such as these. All you do is rally those on your same side, and completely turn off those that are on the other side, probably even most that are on the fence (partly as a result of how unprofessional your wording can be). Take a moment and do some research on "disinterested inquiry" and I guarantee your effectiveness as a writer, as well as your understanding of these types of shows, will increase dramatically.

Good luck.

Tobes said...

Anonymous, don't refer to me as "friend." We are not. You are an anonymous person on the internet. I have no interest on doing further "research" on O'Reilly. I have eyeballs and ears and can discern quite well on my own that he is an ignorant windbag.

And I will write that in any damn way I see fit cause it's my BLOG. It's not a professional lecture or an academic setting. It's a blog. It's my blog. I'm not trying to rally the troops. This is my opinion page to bitch.

You should start a blog where you can do the same.

Until then, I'll write how I see fit and you can quit being a patronizing tool.

PS: Anyone who defends O'Reilly and says his purpose is to create lively debate is truly MISCONSTRUING the point. O'Reilly's show is his opinion program meant to 'indoctrinate' (his favorite word, not mine) the conservatives. He has no interest in "Lively debate" -- find the infamous you tube compilation of his "KILL HIS MIC! SHUT UP" comments over the years.

O'Reilly has about as much interest in real debate as I have in taking your pompous "anonymous" comments seriously.

Tobes said...

I changed my mind-- this isn't my "page to bitch" cause sometimes I do write stuff that I hope people will read and get the word out on. Besides, it's not bitching. It's my honest to God opinion. And that's okay.

It's okay that sometimes I'm angry because stuff makes me angry!!!!

Anonymous said...

"Until then, I'll write how I see fit and you can quit being a patronizing tool."

First of all, almost nobody comes to your blog. This is not a cheap shot, this is reality. Take a look at your google links, your pagerank, or even technorati and you'll see pretty much nobody gives a shit about what you say other than you, adrienne, and me. So to come out and call 30% of your regular readership a "tool" just because I was taking a stance opposing you is not just inconsiderate, it's really ridiculous.

Sorry, I didn't mean to suggest to the "outside" audience that we were actually friends. But honestly, even as somebody who doesn't like O'Reilly's show, I am getting a bit tired of people proclaiming his bigotry based on his arguments during a live debate show. He wants to show both sides. Crikey. I think he's a twit, but at least it's because I find flaws in his debate technique, not because I get hung up on his personal feelings toward the issues. There are a lot of famous assholes out there. Why dwell on this one?

And as for your refusal to bother looking into the term "disinterested inquery", well, all I can do is refer you to the last statement in your comment.

"It's okay that sometimes I'm angry because stuff makes me angry!!!!"

It's fine to be angry... but why be so tactlessly angry in a forum where nobody cares what you have to say unless you can be, well, persuasive? You consistently come across as belligerent and mean-spirited and without much concern for what your opposing readers (i.e. ME) care about. I'm sure you're not a bad person in "real life", but you certainly come across as a closed-minded O'Reilly type (just a leftist, rather than righty). So why blog? Why make it public if you're not interested in an opposing view. This I do not understand.

Adrienne said...

If Bill O'Reilly is hoping to spark debate, it's only so that he can smugly assume that he won said debate.

Probably some parents would be upset that a lesbian couple won 'cutest couple' at a high school. But they shouldn't be.

A) Gay and lesbian couples have just as much place in a high school as heterosexual couples do. As an educator, I know that ALL children go through a phase of 'sexploration' but that doesn't mean that some gay teenagers don't grow into gay adults. As Dennis Kucinich has said, it really just comes down to equality.

B) It's high school, friends. Do any of us have any idea who won cutest couple in our graduating class? Because I have no damn idea. If Bill O'Reilly came and made a big spanking deal out of it, I probably would. So if what he's REALLY hoping for is raising the moral bar of America by denouncing homosexuality, then he should learn to just let go and let God (which, in my opinion, I think would be silly since Christ never breathes a word about homosexuality). Bill O'Reilly isn't helping anyone.

Note: I love it that gay teens are feeling comfortable and safe enough to come out. Two of my closest friends in high school were in the closet, and it was hell for them. I think that this is a step in the majorly right direction.

Tobes said...

anonymous--- I can honestly say I blog for me. Obviously I don't blog for hundreds of people. If I'm not well known, that's fine. I didn't start a BLOG (of all things) to get famous. I just want a little corner of the world where I can write. And share in the feminist blogsophere-- a great atmosphere with huge blogs like Feministe, Pandagon and feministing to smalller blogs like mine.

Maybe it's a complex concept to you, but I don't live my life to please you, as much as it pisses you off.

I am one sided. I'm left. I'm progressive. I'm feminist. And it's okay cause I'm not writing a newspaper column. I'm not a reporter. I'm just a woman speaking her mind. *GASP*

Consequently, I find Bill O'Reilly stupid and ignorant. And I will say so.

Nothing you say about my lack of 'tact' or 'lack of viewers' will really change my mind.

Frankly you are the ultimate paradox... why you continue to come here and assume I'm going to pander to you or "look up this word" -- or "do this" -- or "argue this way."

I got it, thanks anyway.

And I think I'm done with all this wasted

Anonymous said...


Okay. Fine. Blog for you. But, just realize that when you blog just for you, even your fellow feminists don't visit. Or maybe you haven't noticed.

Sarah said...

Tobes, I wasn't aware blogs were about popularity contests, were you?

Sarah said...

And there is no way on earth I would ever believe for one moment that Bill O'Reilly is interested in sparking a debate of any kind. He is a smug, pompous ass who is part of what is wrong with the world today by being so close-minded and unable to accept the fact that he is wrong about so many issues he presents on his show and in his books.

Last night Comedy Central replayed the Colbert Report when O'Reilly was on and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Colbert is hilarious and O'Reilly deserved every shot taken at him, and more, for all of the sickeningly close-minded things he's said over the years.

Gay or straight, a couple is a couple. Having no problem with a heterosexual couple in the yearbook, but finding big problems with a homosexual couple makes him guilty of discrimination. And it also makes him a douchebag.