Monday, November 05, 2007

Lovin Tyra

I've been a Tyra fan for some time. She and I don't always see eye-to-eye, but I respect her hard work and her advocating for models of all shapes, sizes and colors. She's pretty much been my hero since her "Kiss my fat ass" show.

However, this is pretty fricking sweet. Having a whole show dedicated to the Vagina!



Anonymous said...

Where's our talk show that discusses the penis and all of its male-empowering glory?

God forbid somebody look up information on their own genitals via webMD, or a book.

Americans are so lazy.

Adrienne said...

Oh brother.

The point of having a talk show about the vagina is to get good information out to people that may not have wanted to look up the information for a variety of reasons. Because they feel ashamed, because they are nervous, because they are male, because they dont' want to page through endless pages of text that may or may not be reliable.

Men should feel empowered by their penis. Why not? It doesn't make them a patriarch, any more than feeling empowered makes us 'the boss' of anything other than our bodies. I would absolutely support a show about the male penis and his connection to it and how it makes him feel. The point of feminism is not to claim that women are better than men, "just" that we are equal.