Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Weirdest "apology" ever

I never watched Dog the Bounty Hunter. My mom was a fan and I wanted to like him in theory... until I found out he was a psycho racist.

You know what really creeped me out about this video was the total lack of understanding. I really almost pity Dog. He called her a "n***er" and a "whore" and told his son not to see her. Rather than apologize for using those stupid, racist words, he tears up and says:

I've never met her, she's a cute little girl, I didn't know that, I never knew what she looked like..... I'm so sorry, honey. I'm not like that-- you know that.

Okay? Way to miss the point.

What did he expect her to look like? Some cracked out street whore? I guess so, cause she's black. But now he sees that she's beautiful, well-dressed & well-spoken... NOW she's deserving of apology?

Gee wiz, little girl, if I'd a known your was purdy, I'd never call you a nigger!


And then he calls her honey?

Oh dog, honey you need to visit and look up SELF AWARENESS.

You call someone a nigger and make up for it by telling them they're pretty? It's like he truly doesn't get it.

Then to top it all off, he says "you know I'm not like that." UM DUDE? Clearly you are.


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