Thursday, January 24, 2008


Heath Ledger was a young, talented man and father of a young daughter. By all accounts, his death was a tragic accident.

We all knew there would be mass media frenzy. I had hoped there would be some dignity allotted for his family survivors including well-known actress, Michelle Williams, who is mother to their daughter, Matilda. I was prepared for the frenzy of news coverage and prying attempts at the family. But how silly I was to think THAT would be the worst of it all.

Now bat-shit-crazy, psycho Westboro Baptist "Church" says they'll protest Ledger's funeral. Uh Why? Cause Ledger played a gay man in Brokeback Mountain and that means he mocks God and now burns in hell. Ahhh, of course. I don't know why I should expect more from a group that terrorizes families of a fallen U.S. soldiers.

Second-- and more shocking (I mean you know you'll get nuttiness from WBC) is the reaction from Fox News radio/TV host, John Gibson, who mocked Ledger's death in his radio show. Gibson played clips from Brokeback Mountain, laughing to himself, "I guess he knows how to quit you." And playing another short clip where Ledger says "We're dead. "

I guess at Fox news, playing a gay man equals being gay? Either way it means your death is ripe for parody.

Do people have no shame? If you would like to contact Fox News, info can be found here.

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Sarah said...

Gibson finally apologized but it was still disgusting and he was still giving off that air of 'douchebaginess' even as he spoke, saying he was sorry if he had offended anyone; Perez posted about it last night. It was also one fo the lamest and most insincere apologies I have ever heard in my life.