Friday, January 18, 2008

Torture of women = erections?

Today I logged onto and per usual, browsed the top of the homepage for the "watched right now" videos.

I saw one called "Girl tied up" and the freeze frame looked like an abduction scene. I thought to myself-- this can't possibly be good. Like an idiot, I clicked on it to see what it was about.

The video (warning: graphic, may trigger) seems to be actors doing a 2 minute part of an ongoing series. I can't for the life of me discern a plot from this, nor do I have any interest in going further. Frankly, this one video was enough to turn-me off to whatever the storyline was.

The video starts with the camera on the painted toenails of a young woman and it pans up her body to reveal a low-cut top. She is scared and struggling on a hospital bed where she's held in restraints. The camera pays special attention to the woman's cleavage.

A man enters the room and the girl begs frantically while he injects her with something that appears to knock her unconscious. The rest I didn't understand because it has something to do with this ongoing plot line--- either way, the more troubling part was below the video... in the comment section.

Platikum (30 seconds ago): wow I just get an erection..

minimage4life (2 minutes ago): Titties yay !!!

bloodfestbogota (3 minutes ago): yeah...I say the same....nice tits baby...thats it

arroncoh1 (11 minutes ago):OMFG that's hot.

CopyriteInfringement (55 minutes ago): he should of raped her, id watch that.

temporaryonesix (52 minutes ago):
I second that.

misterfisherman (1 hour ago): Make the most of it.when a butch feminist comes into power...then its gone

This is awful on its own. But when we take into account all the many pornography films that feature graphic violence against women-- as well as mainstream hollywood movies that sexualize violence against women-- CONSTANTLY-- is it so hard to believe that men are turned on by this and don't think twice?
I need a cold shower.
Damn it all, I just wanted to look up funny bloopers to pass the time at work.

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lesaracen said...

yes violence turns on men....why do u think missiles and guns and knives are the shape they are and do the things they do?