Monday, January 21, 2008

Whoa Whoopi

This makes no sense.

Whoopi says (rather snarkily), "Women got the vote before we did." And she points at herself on "we." What does that even mean? Does we mean "black" or did she mean, "we" as female....

Cause... for once, I think Elizabeth Hassleback might be right (AHHH, Armageddon is coming!)

The 15th Amendment to the Constitution (passed in 1870) gave black MEN the right to vote.

The 19 Amendment (passed in 1920), gave women (of all races) the right to vote!!!

So what in the hell is Whoopi talking about?

Perhaps it's because historically we know that African Americans had a hell of a time voting due to various unjust laws (Jim Crow Laws) that were passed to keep them from the polling booth.

Fact still remains that, in the eyes of the Constitution, black men had rights sooner than women-- 50 YEARS SOONER!!

Random... random...random.

Why didn't anyone press Whoopi on this? Is Barbara Walters asleep?


Sarah said...

I'm really very surprised that not only would Whoopi would say something so blatantly wrong, but NO ONE corrected her. For once, and probably the only time EVER, Elizabeth did get something right. It's not like they would have had to get into a big brawl about it, but look at the Constitution. It's right there, plain as day. Now you're right, there were laws enacted to prevent black men from voting, such as being property owners, but 50 years is a big difference. Was Barbara just not paying attention? Do none of them know their history at all? Was there no one backstage who could have said something during a commercial break so they could at least get their facts straight? Come on people, seriously. Anyway you look at, the fact that racism and sexism existed and still exist is disgusting, but truth is truth and this is one instance where Whoopi is wrong.

Anonymous said...

I personally like Ron Paul and he's white! Frankly, what does your skin color and genitalia have to do with being President. It's not like these qualities make anyone a better candidate. I guess when people think these are factors to be considered they are saying most people are racist and sexist. If this is the case, the democrats are doomed.