Monday, August 20, 2007

Dogs > Women

Dear Footballers, beat your wives not your dogs

Today NFL quarterback Michael Vick accepted a deal to plead guilty to federal conspiracy charges involving an illegal dogfighting operation.

The Vick dogfighting scandal has been HUGE, GIGANTIC NEWS since it broke. And for good reason-- it's horrific.

Court documents released last week showed that two of Vick's alleged partners said he helped kill dogs that didn't fight well, and that the three men "executed approximately eight dogs" in ways that included hanging and drowning.

Hold on.... I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Seriously, it takes a special kind of asshole to do that to an animal.

The NFL has dropped hints that it'll be a long time IF EVER before Vick plays again. People keep saying how "troubling" this is for the NFL. Why then, doesn't it trouble these people when their star athletes abuse women?

This blog post says it all

It was only last summer when Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brett Myers assaulted his wife in full view of onlookers, dragging her in the street by her hair and slapping her repeatedly. He was charged with assault and battery by a Boston court, but his employer, Major League Baseball, declined to level any punishment, saying, through a spokesman, "It was an off-field incident and it's the player's private life. We're going to let the legal system run its course." The league has no policy requiring suspension of players charged or convicted in domestic violence cases.

This horrible scandal with Vick should shock and disgust us all. But dragging your spouse by her hair is "a private matter"? Please tell me these people don't buy their own B.S.? Can you really delude yourself that much?

I realize I'm not the first, nor am I the only person to bring up this point but it just bothers me that the NFL is so blind.

Though they'll test their players till kingdom come for illegal substances, and kick them out of the league if they test positive enough times, apparently being charged with beating your wife -- and in some cases, being convicted of it -- just doesn't measure up.

When can we expect a public apology for disregarding women in this way?

I'm gonna venture.... NEVER?

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Imagine said...

Both of these men are pigs that should be in jail