Monday, August 27, 2007

Hat Tip

To pandagon and their absolutely fabulous post regarding Emergency Contraception and the wingnuts. MUST READ.

Some choice quotes:

The belief that women are impossibly stupid is the only way that misogynists can square away their misogyny with themselves—they don’t hate women! They just want to take away our rights to protect us from ourselves! The law is a big neck cone so the stupid bitches don’t chew out our stitches.)


The attempt to redefine woman-controlled contraception as “abortion” speaks volumes about both the anti-choice agenda (ban all female control over reproduction) and their understanding that their actual goals are so far to the right that they can’t be spoken out loud. In an effort to stop new, effective contraception from getting into the market, anti-choicers launched an unfortunately successful misinformation campaign to convince people that EC works by sloughing off fertilized eggs. It doesn’t. The overwhelming evidence suggests that it couldn’t work that way. Anti-choicers exploit scientific unwillingness to speak in absolutes to suggest that it could conceivably slough off a fertilized egg and therefore they figured that people’s ignorance of biology would fill in the rest until people assumed that’s how EC must work.

Blogger, Amanda Marcotte also does some great deciphering on the medical "how does it work" aspect of E.C. For one thing, we are a culture so uncomfortable talking about sex we tend to go with a lot of misinformation. For instance... the movie "Look who's talking" and the famous conception scene where it appears that there's sex and then miraculously-- A BABY-- video below, spliced quite brilliantly with Star Wars.

Most people tend to overrate the importance of male orgasms as the central event in baby-making and assume, wrongly, that conception must occur within seconds or minutes of ejaculation. The myth makes a rough kind of sense, and it’s aided mightily by patriarchal frames that give credit for making babies to men (from the idea that conception-not-pregnancy makes a baby to the naming of children after their fathers). In reality, sperm are built for endurance for a reason—conception often takes up to three days after sex to occur, which is why the window for using EC is 72 hours, though the longer you wait, the worse the chances of it working get.

I *heart* Marcotte.

Click here to read it all in full. It's a sweet post.

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