Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Ever see an ad and just think--- are you freaking kidding me? The one below showed an animated cartoon woman shedding pounds. Isn't that nice? Cause nothing beats shrinking down to fit properly into your bikini top and tiny white ruffled skirt.

And I bet you a million dollars no pill is gonna work like this either. But damn it we gotta hold onto the dream of conformity.


Evan W. said...

Conformity should really be the least of our concerns when it comes to weight loss. Magic pills and "effortless" exercise routines are surely not the answer. But you need to consider that the top two pictures are of women who are clearly overweight, and the third is in what appears to be optimal shape.

Sure, it is not always healthy to strive for thinness simply for the sake of vanity, but I dare say that the character in the third picture is certainly the healthiest of the three.

Marketing is sleazy. It always will be. But saying an ideal fitness should be ignored because it is what the masses aspire to is shortsighted and (apologetically) very silly.

Tobes said...

a fair point but goodness...