Thursday, September 06, 2007

Your seat cushion can double as a cover for your slutty, shameful body

Feministing broke this unreal story.

Apparently this outfit is so offensive that Southwest felt they could remove this woman, Kyla Ebbert from the plane to lecture her on her innapropriate clothing.

She arrived at Lindbergh Field wearing a white denim miniskirt, high-heel sandals, and a turquoise summer sweater over a tank top over a bra.

Really how dare a woman wear a skirt and tank top in 100+ degree weather. The flight attendedant gave Ebbert a chance to change but she was without luggage and had to fight for her right to stay aboard the plane with legs showing.

Ebbert says several flight attendants overheard the conversation and, after an embarrassing walk down the aisle, she took her seat and spread a blanket over her lap. She kept her composure until the plane landed, when she called her mother and broke down.

It just makes me sick. Visit feministing for more including a great photo of what Southwest airlines used to consider appropriate dress for flight attendants --- as one commenter points out-- I guess it's okay for woman to dress provactively as long as it's corporate (read: men) set the rules.


Anonymous said...

"I guess it's okay for woman to dress provactively as long as it's corporate (read: men) set the rules."

haha you're such a fucking joke. I see so many girls around my campus that dress like whores because they WANT to, not because MEN set the rules. Sheesh.

Tobes said...

Earth to sexist anonymous person,

That was MY POINT.

This woman chooses to dress that way and it makes people uncomfortable-- the fact years before Southwest ordered their female employees to dress in hot pants is okay--- but a woman CHOOSING to dress in a way that is seen as sexually provocative is a problem.

Oh yeah-- and it makes her a “whore.”

I don't think you "get" this blog. Best go back to your Girls Gone Wild Dvd.