Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Britney Spears is officially a feminist issue

Has Britney bashing gone too far?
Has Britney bashing gone too far?

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This proves it. Britney Spears is my new poster girl for: "THE NEED FOR FEMINISM." You'd think with two female commentators, this clip wouldn't be so god awful, but it is.

MSNBC Anchor, Chris Jansing speaks to Courtney Hazlett (OK magazine) on the "Britney bombs at the VMA" story. This segment is all over the place and at the end Jansing is aware she's crossed the major stupidity line.

The two women start by dissing Brit's clothes.... "or lack thereof." And out comes the blaming,

"Well she chose this outfit – she didn't feel the outfit MTV picked out was sexy or skimpy enough. She's the one who decided to go on in little more than bedazzled undergarments."

But later in the show, Hazlett admits that Britney has often been "judged less on singing and more on dancing and sex appeal."

So we judge her on sex appeal but condemn her for putting on bedazzled undergarments and dancing around?

Well according to Hazlett and Jansing, the reason the outfit is an issue is "she didn't have the body for the outfit."

While one anchor comments that maybe this is better body image for young women -- not having to be stick thin, Hazlett comes back with this bitchy retort:

If we’re looking to Britney spears to be a shining example to girls, I think body image is the least of our problems!

You claim to work for a celebrity news magazine and you still think people look to Spears for "role model" behavior? Get with the times.

Hazlett goes on to give us this pearl of wisdom:

It's time to stop being so afraid of saying someone's body doesn’t suit a certain outfit. It's not doing Britney Spears or anyone else down the line any good.

When has our culture ever been kind to women we perceive as being fat? Ever peaked through a fashion magazine where rounder women in tight clothes are portrayed under the huge bold word "DON'T" and have black bars over their eyes?

Then to further the hypocrisy the women start taking shots at Spears outfit from the "But she's a mom!" angle.

Jansing says: "I don’t look at that outfit and think mom. That's just me."

Well what do you want? Do you want her serving up the sexy or dressing "like a mom" (find me that uniform, please). I guess when Spears was young and skinny and professing her virginity it was all good to see her in bedazzled underwear?

But now motherhood and a few extra pounds means she needs ... AN APRON...

No shit!!! That's what Jansing suggests:

"Where’s the apron that’s what I want to know? Why isn’t she in the … never mind I’m gonna get in trouble for that."

YEAH YOU THINK? Where's the apron? Are you frickin kidding me? And "why isn't she in the...." in the WHAT? THE KITCHEN? Is that where you were going? Cause, last time I checked you're working on TV! Do you have kids? Cause if you do, you better get your butt back in the kitchen. At least Jansing has the where-with-all to realize what a dumbass comment it was because she immediately throws out the obligatory "moms can be whatever they want" statement.

Well, if that were true, Britney could be a pop star who can writhe in moan in sparkly panties and you wouldn't give two craps about whether or not she has kids. But she's a mom now, not a teenager, so she better quit turning us on?

This is the ultimate virgin/mother/whore complex come to life.

And for the record, her performance was awful, I don't like the song and I think she does need to get her crap together. That aside I'm so, SO, SO sick of the way the media is gleefully discussing this issue. I look forward to the ACTUAL news story on how "Britney bashing HAS gone too far."

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