Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy One Year Anniversary E.C.

CNN has shocking news. Sales for the morning after pill went up -- now that you can get it over the counter.

Shocking, right?

It's easier to get. So more people are getting it.

Can I get a "DUH"?

The end of the article gives lip service to the nutters.

Conservative and religious groups argued that easy availability would promote promiscuity and sexually transmitted diseases among teens and others.

Yeah, they've got it now. I really wanted to go out and nail every guy I met but I wasn't sure I could get some EC. Now that I can-- PARTAY! On a side note, "birth control promotes promiscuity" when translated from conserva-speak is actually: "Giving women options to prevent pregnancy means they can enjoy protected sexual relationships. And that is bad. Women enjoying sex without threat of children! AHHH SLUTS!"

Of course getting the FDA to approve over-the-counter sales for the morning after pill was tricky. It took years and more than 60,000 letters or support and many signed petitions. There were people at the time who argued that if we dared to approve EC it would start up sex cults among teenagers. No, seriously.

We need to wake up to the scary truth! The conservatives and religious right aren't
just against abortion-- but they want to outlaw birth control as well. They believe women should have NO control over their bodies and people should not be able to plan their families.

So for now, we celebrate-- one year ago today Emergency Contraception was given the green light to be sold over the counter. That is a victory for the good guys. However, pharmacists can refuse to dispense the drug and conserva-nazis want to take the right away so keep fightin' the good fight.

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