Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hugh Hefner is all knowing

Check out my girlfriends, they only need the one chair

The media always needs a scandal. Last week it was an alleged sexual assault at the Playboy mansion. At this time, the case has been dropped because the alleged victim is declining to press charges. The "feminists are evil lying bitches" folks are coming out in drolls concluding that this is further proof that rape is nothing more than hype so women can win court money to pay for boob jobs (really--- I read a blog today claiming just that).

I have no clue whether or not this rape occured. I was not there and don't know the circumstance--- from what I can gather online, the woman claimed to be assaulted while unconcious. Naturally that makes pursuing a criminal investigation tricky as she has no memory of the attack.

I feel the need to speak up since once again, jerkwads are claiming this as a victory for the "women lie about rape" camp. Would it really be out of the quesiton for a woman to be raped at a Playboy party?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. This is actually the perfect breeding ground for a sexual assault.

Free flowing booze (and likely drugs) combined with an overcrowded, oversexed atmosphere where people are pushing limits and acting wild. What do you suppose men assume about female Playmates or women who attend Playboy functions? I'm betting they have it in their mind that these women are free and loose about sex. Is it any surprise then that a sexual assault could or WOULD happen there?

Thank goodness Mr. Hefner went on TV to set the record straight. *SARCASM*

Yes, it's true there was insuffiencent evidence to proceed and the woman declined to press charges but this happens constantly in sexual assault situations. Rape is often a 'he said/she said' situation. And in this case alcohol was involved (to the point where a woman was unconcious). Add to the mix that the woman was MORE THAN LIKELY dressed provacitively or acting our sexually... I mean, would you want to go into court with that working against you? Often women decline to press charges because they don't want to open themselves up to ridicule or questions that put blame on them. Can't you hear it?

You went to the Playboy mansion? Without your boyfriend? Wearing that? Flirting with whom? How did you dance? You kissed how many people? You drank HOW much?

Mr. Hefner stated on TV that "absolutely no rape occured." He even tells the reporter that this woman MADE UP the story to placate an angry boyfriend because she got home late.

Cause the "Sorry I'm late honey, I was raped" excuse is so much easier than the "my car broke down" excuse?

Mr. Hefner's speaking to media about this is beyond vile. He offers no proof of this story except that "there's no question about it." In this particular interview, Mr. Hefner does not say he spoke with police or the alleged victim.

I want to remind Mr. Hefner that at this time, the woman has NOT recanted her story, merely declined to press charges. I imagine she thought she could avoid this sort of press/speculation/circus if she dropped the charges--- turns out, Mr. Hefner's going to call her a lying whore in public anyway. And he's got hords of trolls doing it online as well.

If this was a false accusation, it's horrible for the people involved and for women who ARE raped. But if this assault did occur and this is how the media reacts, it's just one more situation that's going to keep real rape victims afraid.


Adrienne said...

Not to mention, unless Hugh Hefner has a video camera in every single room documenting what's going on at all times with sound and video, then can he really say that a rape didn't take place? No. He can go on TV and say, "I have spoken to the man accused and he says he didn't do it, and for one, I believe him." That's fine. But to go on and say it didn't happen? Might as well claim omniscience.

Tobes said...

Exactly Adrienne! You always point out the stuff that bugs me but I can't quite put my finger on. Thank you!