Monday, October 29, 2007

Lucky there's a Family Guy?

I have blogged before about my guilt regarding the hit animated show, Family Guy.

As I stated, this show blasts everyone! As evidenced in this clip from the Emmy's where they pick on lots of people and (I think) it's pretty damn funny. Especially the hit to the Sopranos.

I'm not so uptight that I can't handle some rude humor. Hell, I love South Park and that stuff can get GROSS. I mean, at one point Cartman kills a kid's parents and feeds them to him in chilli. So yeah.... but I haven't heard of one kid in real life doing anything like that.

What I have heard of is women being raped and abused DAILY- and Family Guy jokes about that constantly. In fact it seems they have at least ONE anti-woman joke per episode. Whether it's something light like making fun of the WNBA or serious like Stewie shooting a hooker.

That particular video is flagged for "adult eyes only" -- for those of you without a youtube account, I shall summarize:

- Stewie uses a rifle with a scope to aim at a prostitute
- He calls this his "daily community service"
- After the hooker is shot dead, Quagmire says his usual, "All right"
- Then he begins to drag her lifeless body back inside for more sex.

Charming right?

Well the other day I was watching an episode and I saw this:

I shall summarize again because (as my last Family Guy post shows... you tube eventually has to pull all these illegal clips anyway-- booo).
- At the bottom of the screen you see Marge Simpson
- Quagmire attacks her, forces himself between her legs and appears to hump her.
- She pushes him away, fighting him off, eventually she runs
- He follows her with his pants around his ankles
- They both return a minute later and he says, "see that wasn't so bad"
- She responds with something like "yeah it was great"
- They go back to the "Simpson house" where they have more sex
- Quagmire is discovered by Homer
- Quagmire shoots and kills every member of the Simpson family.

Yes---- really.

Apparently Simpsons fans and the show's creator, Matt Groening are vocal in their dislike of Family Guy. Still, was this the proper response?

Why make a rape/murder joke? Much less make the joke where the raped woman decides that -- wow, she enjoyed the rape and is ready for more! But it gets even funnier when the entire family is subsequently murdered (including the baby!).

Ummmm, why? Why is that funny?

I am on a Family Guy break for awhile. If that's the best shit they can come up with then I'd rather watch something else-- something truly funny-- like the Office... where they can make sexist jokes but pull it off in a FUNNY WAY!!! Imagine that!

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sense of humor, you need one.