Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Why doesn't she leave?

Next time you hear someone say this about domestic violence victims-- tell them to read THIS STORY. Cause this is what happens when women try and leave-- their abusers make good on death threats. Statistically this is when women are in the most danger-- when they try and take back control.

Kinyanjui was stabbed in the basement apartment with her youngest child nearby. Her sister and mother tried to stop the attack.

"I tried to hold the knife and I was cut here. Then he got that knife and then ... do that," Ruth Kinyanjui said, making a gesture of a knife being drawn across the throat.

"She was the most loving person. She was helping all of us. Myself, my mother, the children. She loved her two children very much. She obviously loved the father of the children and that's why she was always covering for him," Margaret Kinyanjui said.

Family said the pair had a long history of domestic violence dating back until at least 2000. They said Esther would often bail him out after he hurt her, but she moved to Delaware five months ago in an attempt to get away from Waweru. She apparently was lured back, this time to her death.

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