Monday, February 18, 2008

Ads that annoy

From Express:

I noticed this in my local shopping mall. The men's ad was the same but the women's said "longer, leaner, leggier" --- Why is it that men can look, casual, comfortable and cool and women must appear thin, tall, sexy? No comfort for them I guess. Anyone else care to help pinpoint why this ad annoys me so much?

Plus these women just look pissed.

What I don't get is that according to the Express website, men's shirts will go up to XXL (women's tops only come in XS-Large!). Women's pants only up to size 12 but men's up to 36 (in some stores 38).

How can you make a XXL for men but only go to a Large in women's sizes? I guess if Express ran the world any woman deemed "extra large" wouldn't get to buy clothes. And besides, have you ever held up a "large" women's size shirt from Express? Large by what definition of the word? Large for an 4 year old?

Personal rant: I'm a plus size gal myself but can often buy a Large or XL at mainstreem stores like The Limited, Old Navy, Gap etc but NEVER at Express.

Also- as I began to surf more around their website, I just noticed more irony.

I guess color variation is fabulous, except when it comes to the range of models you use. The real ad copy should read:

"Blonde. Brunette. But always caucasian."

There's an online video of their models and there is exactly one black female model and in a very "blink and you'll miss her" capacity.


Adrienne said...


Paulette T. said...

The reason those women look so pissed is because they haven't eaten in days.

ouyangdan said... pisses me off too...though i have no better reasons than the ones you listed...

and i would be pissed off too, if i never got to eat...hence the pissed off look on the models' faces...

Bianca Reagan said...

"The reason those women look so pissed is because they haven't eaten in days."


Okay, so I tried to post a comment a couple minutes ago, but then it disappeared.

I literally grew out of Express clothes a few years ago. It's stupid that they don't sell clothes past Large or size 12. As if size 14 is just too chunky for their image. Now I can only walk past their storefronts and scowl.