Friday, February 29, 2008

Feminist blogs made a difference

Charming right? Feministing alerted me to this sick excuse for "fashion" last night and I wrote an angry letter this morning.

If you want to write to them too, the address is:

My letter:

Dear David & Goliath clothing company,

I had never heard of your company before, but I'll never forget the brand now. And I'll be sure never to buy so much as one hat from your company after I see you sell products like this.

What crack team thought a shirt saying, "No means No-- well, maybe if I'm drunk," would be a great slogan for a womens/juniors t-shirt? If you respond to this e-mail, I'd really like someone to tell me... What about rape makes it ripe for parody? What about a horrible, violent crime that leaves girls at risk for depression, eating disorders, cutting, and suicide is so HILARIOUS?

Raping an unconscious woman against her will is not funny. It's a sick and prevalent crime-- especially on college campuses. Congratulations, David and Goliath clothing company for taking a widespread, heinous crime and making it ambiguous, as if there's something "humorous" to be found in rape. I feel horrible for all the other people browsing your site who may stumble upon this thoughtless message which demeans their experience and re-victimizes them over again.

I will be sure to pass on your "error of judgment" to other online shoppers,

Exciting news!!!!!

Just an hour or two ago, I decided I'd blog on this, and tried to click my link back to the page showing the shirt-- Well now if you click the link to see the t-shirt, you are instead redirected back to the main page of David & Goliath Clothing company. They have removed the shirt from the site!!! Most likely thanks to and the many, many letters they helped generate!

We may have won this battle!!!



Jeanette said...

I saw this t-shirt on feministing too and sent an email. D&G is a horrible company as it is even without this totally tasteless shirt. Plagerism is NOT a good thing in a company that prides itself on being 'creative'.

I emailed D&G this morning myself. I'm glad to see they actually listened. Too bad I doubt we'll see an apology from them anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi. You may want to check the link again. It seems that the complaints have had an impact on the David and Goliath T-shirt company. Though I don't believe the result is as favorable as you stated in your update. Rather than their homepage, they have linked you to a t-shirt with the saying "Miss Bitch" listed above a cartoon picture of a little girl.

At first I thought that they may not have done this intentionally, but just pointed the link to another product. After all, there really is no such thing as bad publicity, or so they say. Then, just before closing the page something caught my eye. Just below the size and quantity drop down boxes, the following is printed:

"Special 10% OFF code for all our friends @!

Just enter the discount code NOMEANSNO


While I don't usually post to blogs, I wanted to bring this to your attention as I found it quite distasteful yet somehow not surprising. Really what do you expect from a business that creates/sells garbage?

femme radicale said...

it seems they have removed it from their site, and rerouted the old link to their t-shirt "miss bitch" -- where feministing readers will get a discount if they type in NOMEANSNO in the discount line

lol.. they seem a little bitter.. :)

Rochelle said...

BUT--i like the bitch shirt. i won't buy it b/c i can't support anyone who posted that rape shirt...

but, maybe it is a sort of apology?

Anonymous said...

i'd wear it.

Anonymous said...

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