Sunday, March 16, 2008

Black is the new President, bitch

See if you can spot the difference in these two SNL sketches.

Tina Fey's message:

Here, Fey questions why more women are voting for Barack Obama, not Clinton. Fey takes some excellent shots at Limbaugh ("Jeff Conaway of right wing radio," indeed) and shoots down all people who would dismiss Clinton for being a "bitch."

Fey brilliantly reclaimed the insult saying, "Let me say something about that, she is a bitch. And so am I. Bitches get stuff done. That's why Catholic Schools use nuns instead of priests... At the end of the year you hated those bitches, but you knew the capital of Vermont."

I loved it.

Then came Tracy Morgan

Personally, I thought he started off great:

Why is it every time a black man in this country gets too good at something, someone always comes along and reminds us that he's black?

He had his own analysis of this issue in one succinct statement:

It's a little complicated, but basically it goes like this: We are a racist country. The end.

Amen to that noise.

But rather than go the route Fey did by pointing out all the reasons that qualify Obama for President, he chose to go after Hillary.

He also discussed the infamous "3 a.m. ad." And I have a MAJOR bone to pick with people who are critics of this ad.

Contrary to Morgan's claim, this has nothing to do with convincing people that a "black man couldn't answer the phone at 3:00 in the morning."

This ad isn't saying Barack wouldn't answer the phone or wouldn't know what to do, it's not a racist statement.

The narration says something like, "Your vote decides who will handle emergency situations in this country. Do you want someone who knows the worlds leaders and military, someone who is tested and ready to lead?" and then the implied message is --- or do you want someone who is a more green?

Its on message with what Clinton has ALWAYS SAID: She has more experience than Obama. Period.

Anyway, sorry that's my side rant of the day.

Here's where Morgan gets a little offensive (in my opinion):

I want to know what qualifies Hillary Clinton to be president? Is it because she was married to the president? If that were true, then Robin Givens would be heavyweight champion of the world. If Hillary's last name wasn't "Clinton," you know she'd just be some crazy white woman with too much money and not enough lovin'. That's where I come in. I know women like that. You don't want them answering the phone at 3:00 in the morning.

Okay I realize that SNL is not here to provide me with thoughtful political commentary, but come on, is this the best Morgan could do? If I was Obama, I'd be pissed! Morgan spent the majority of his rant skewering Hillary while saying nothing pro-Obama except that "he's a gangster from Chicago."

Tina Fey's message was pro-Hillary and anti-sexism. She didn't have to waste time slamming Obama. But Morgan decides that in order to support Barack, he needs to bring out every tired-and-true Hillary-slur.

- "She's only up for this job because she married the right guy." (aka- slept her way to the top.)
- "It's not her, it's her last name."
- "She's a crazy bitch and you don't want crazy bitches running the country"
- "Her own husband doesn't want her, why would the country want her?"

I guess the line that really pissed me off was "If Hillary's last name wasn't "Clinton," you know she'd just be some crazy white woman with too much money and not enough lovin."

Here's a history lesson for you, Mr. Morgan:

- Hillary was twice voted one of the most influential attorneys in America
- At Wellesley College, her classmates chose her to be the first-ever student commencement speaker
- She served as one of the two women on the staff of the House Judiciary Committee during the time when they considered impeaching Nixon
- She ran a legal aid clinic for the poor and handled cases of foster care and child abuse
- She organized a group called Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families
- At age 30, President Carter appointed her to the board of the United States Legal Services Corporation
- She's a bestselling author
- She's known throughout the world as a champion for health care reform and women's and human's rights

There's a lot more to her resume besides "rich white woman who doesn't get enough loving" --- and I suspect there's a lot of great things you could have plugged about Obama, but I guess in all the Hillary-bashing you ran out of time.

Thanks for that, Tracy. You're upset that this is a racist country, but I guess the fact that it's a sexist country is 'no big.'


ouyangdan said...

i loved that Tina Fey sketch...for all the reasons you said!

i have to admit i am a little shocked at the Morgan sketch...

it is so strange to me that sexism seems to be the last acceptable form of hate and discrimination...accepted by everyone everywhere as normal regardless of race or any other divider...

strange, and sick...

BTW, i have been meaning to blogroll you...i offer no excuses...i just haven't done it...i will do it now.

Praxxe said...

"Okay I realize that SNL is not here to provide me with thoughtful political commentary, but come on, is this the best Morgan could do?"

Uh huh. Should have ended it there.

The Red Queen said...

great post. I managed to miss the Tracy Morgan sketch, now i am glad i did.

Anonymous said...

I think Morgan has a point about Hillary not getting enough lovin. Seriously, what does it say about her judgment if she married a man who grew tired of her sexually? Frankly, I think it says a lot. She doesn't know how to judge men. Do we really think Bill is going to sleep with just Hillary for 8 years? That is too much to ask of Bill. The consequence will be another round of sex-gate. Do Democrats really want that? I am nto a democrat, but I sure don't.

Tobes said...

Because we all know that hiring a republican for the job is a sure-fire way to guard against a sex scandal...

*pardon me, I had to go laugh hysterically for about an hour*

PS: Blaming the wife for the husband's infidelity... nice! What year did you get your bachelor's degree in SEXIST PRICK?

praxxe said...

"What year did you get your bachelor's degree in SEXIST PRICK?"

What a sweet way to engage a reader. There was nothing of value in your response, simply snark. Where is the equity in that? Think he/she will be back to your blog with any intent of being civil? Very doubtful.

Tobes said...

The value was in the original post. When I see sexism, I call it. And it's not my job to be "sweet" to a jerk. My world does not hinge on whether he does or does not come back here.

Sometimes I'm snarky on my radical, feminist blog. My overall tone is in direct proportion to how I've been addressed. And that comment was sexist and prickish.

Buzzzed said...

Thanks for your honest courage!
I found this quote and thought it to be right on the money.

classy move by morgan to highlight america’s racism by being a sexist prick.

it’s getting harder to support Obama when rhetoric like this (even in the form of a joke) is being spewed around.

bitch really is the new black.

As is well known: it’s one thing for a person of color to refer to themselves as the “n-word” or any group to use the whatever-word amongst themselves in their cultural and ethnic enclave, quite another when someone outside the group does it, especially in the way Morgan used 'bitch' as a put-down, another 'put the woman in her place' act of hostility and threat. Let's not even get into the issue of calling a gown woman 'girl' or a black man 'boy' .... (which Tina never did).

The parallel comparison would be if Tina had used the N-word referring to Morgan (which she did not); for him to end his commentary (which was perfectly reasonable political humor/satire up until the end) and call her Bitch at all, especially in such a denigrating and condescending, disrespectful tone shows the double standard and the pervasive acceptance of sexism and misogyny in his personal values, cultural values, male values and society at large.

If Obama only had the courage to call his fawning supporters and the lazy, smug, arrogant bloviating macho-loving media on their sexism and misogyny, I might start to have some respect for him. As it stands now, mine is plummeting with each passing day.

check out baldilocks blog for an even more radical perspective on the current state of Obama worship.

Praxxe said...

"My overall tone is in direct proportion to how I've been addressed."

Ohhhh, I get it, so that stuff is acceptable here. In that case, when did you get your degree in *hehe* STUPID AND FAT UNIVERSTITY!!! LOLZ

Hopefully you see the point, but I doubt you'll be able to see past the "STUPID AND FAT" part.

ouyangdan said...

tobes, i no longer desire to feed the trolls...just know that you rock...your blog is AWESOME...and some people can't tell the difference b/t calling out sexism and otherwise hateful behavior, and just plain being hateful b/c they can't seem to come up w/ a better insult, one that might actually be based on something they could actually tell about you.

how creepy that people think they know us so well!