Wednesday, March 26, 2008

CNN story: Male Birth Control Pill out soon

Dr. Gupta tells CNN of male birth control pill coming out next year.

Female anchor asks "What took you so long?"


Praxxe said...

Yeah, this product is long overdue. It will likely be safer than women's birth control and hey, it's just as easy. Now men will have to fight the same fight as women in getting this type of contraceptive paid for by insurance. In the foreseeable future... I doubt it. Shucks.

I do need to make a minor critique though. Lines like this are so obnoxious:

"Female anchor asks "What took you so long?"

As if the sex of the anchor matters at all to the relevance of the question. Anchors by trade are supposed to remain unbiased, so stating the sex of the anchor as if she wanted to know for some personal reason other than the general information of the public seems really silly to me.

Tobes said...

Ha! You know that's a good point, praxxe. I didn't even think about the sex of the anchor but you're right. Her male anchor was sitting right there and his only concern was men using these pills and overdosing, using the testosterone to "bulk up"


Sarah said...

It's about time.

Bianca Reagan said...

Word to Big Bird.

Yet some women, my friends included, will still think it is still solely their responsibility as women to protect themselves from getting pregnant . . . because men are incapable of remembering to take the pill, or whatever the device is, every day. If your partner can't remember not to get you pregnant, then why are you with him?