Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am Hillary Clinton

First you must read the amazing blog post that inspired this message. It's from Red Queen. And also here from Blue Lyon. Also new at Random Babble!

Because when people throw hateful, violent insults like "cunt" and "bitch" at her, I want to become quiet and invisible. I begin to worry that young girls equate "cunt" and "bitch" with "sucessful," "powerful" and "speaks her mind." And I get scared.

Because when people scrutinize her looks and not her message, I sigh and wonder how often I am overlooked or mocked based on my inability to conform to the beauty-culture ideal.

Because when people say "she got where she is because of her husband" or "people pity her because of a cheating husband," I am reminded that I am not considered of worth on my own as an individual; rather I am weighed and measured based on a man's elevation of me-- or my perceived ability to keep a man out of another woman's bed.

Because when friends make jokes about a woman campaigning or facebook's debate group shows 20% of people believe a woman cannot be a successful president, I wonder how many people in the world (close friends and family included) look at me and assume I am only capable of certain things ... because of what's between my legs.

Because when actual retail products demonstrate the level of fear some people have at a woman in power, I lament for women and girls who once again check themselves and their authority for fear of being labelled "man-like" or a ball-busters.

Because any time her critics want to take a pot shot, they go for the PMS jokes or bring out other tired sexist stereotypes. I am reminded that any time I threaten the patriarchy there will be hoards of people ready to put me in my place and they won't have to do it by pointing out mistakes I have made-- they have a ready made insult simply by bringing up the fact that I am a WOMAN. Because being a woman is apparently an insult in itself.

I am Hillary Clinton and I vote.

*** If you write a "I am Hillary" post, please leave a link in the comments. ***


carissa said...

Awesome post! Wow!

The Red Queen said...

w00t w00t! That was full of win!

Tobes said...

YAYYY!! Happy comments to start the day! You guys rock my freakin' feminist socks off. Thank you for visiting me. Your posts on this were so kick ass. I hope more people do a "I am Hillary post"

Anonymous said...

I don't think the post was that good. It's the same old tire feminist argument. "I am a victim because of my sex." "Things are unfair because of my sex." Please. The world is unfair...learn how to deal with it.

Tobes said...

Yeah! Screw those bitches who expect equal treatment and pay and opportunities.

What whiny babies.

They should grow up and get a life… albeit a life where they’re expected to be grateful for their second-class citizenship and patriarchal abuses… still they really should just GET OVER IT!

Spoken like a true person of privilege.

Anonymous said...

Tobes, I enjoy my privilege! It's great the system has worked in my favor! Why would I want to adhere to a feminist philosophy that undermines my self-interest? It seems you see privilege as something to be deplored. I view it as a blessing in a meaningless universe. Your probably just as privileged as me,although in different ways; but you are just to ashamed, guilt ridden and self-loathing to enjoy them. I don't understand your self-deception and hate. Maybe if I were a feminist I would have a better understanding.

ouyangdan said...

loved it, Tobes! hope you get to swing by and see mine too. it gave me some chills to read a few of those! you rock the casbah!

and anonymous (i have no respect for trolls who can't be brave enough to have identities. you are brave enough to spew bile, but not to own up to it?), how very condescending of you to think that we angry feminist bitchez should just shut up and take it. why? b/c you said so? try taking off your privilege glasses, and see the world for what it really is. if by "deal with it" you mean shut up and sit down, then i can only think of words for you that would insult toiletries.

moving on now...

the meme has been a hit! how awesome to see everyone participating!

Tobes said...

"Maybe if I were a feminist I would have a better understanding"

You said a mouthful.

Just FYI, anonymous, me gaining equal rights in no way threatens you. In fact, there are many solid and proven arguments as to why ending sexism benefits men.

If women want to work or need to help the family, they are educated and can earn a paycheck. Couples can use reproductive choices to determine number and spacing of children... the list goes on and on... if I thought you had any real interest, I'd go on. But methinks you desire a rise out of us, more than an education and that bores me... so ... moving on.

Ouyangdan is right. Going by ‘anonymous’ is pretty frickin weak.

Oh! And speaking of ouyangdan--- "chills"?? I gave someone chills?? Well that's it, I'm officially having a good Friday- 5 inches of snow be damned, some body said that I gave them chills!

*cannot…get …through …door... ego is too big* :)

The Red Queen said...

Hey cowardly little anonymous- yes the world is unfair. Good, smart people work their ass off to fix it. Lazy whiny babies tell good people to "deal with it".

How nice of you to hide anonymously. If you had any courage you'd show yourself so we would know exactly who it is in the world that is too damn lazy to do anything to fix it.

ouyangdan said...

chills are pretty awesome since i am, ya know, in Hawai'i. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it, brilliant job. Mine is here, if you're looking for new friends. :)

chang'e said...

I have one thing to add:

"your" indicates possession, as in "that is an example of YOUR privilege".

"you're" is a contraction for "you" and "are", and attributes an action to someone, as in "YOU'RE benefitting from privilege".

Honestly, Tobes, I think you should be more careful about who you allow to comment here, it's totally dumbing the place down. ;)

Love your blog.
But you already knew that.