Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Shakesville sustains me

If you don't go to Shakesville on a regular basis, you should. I am constantly amazed at the insightful and FUNNY writing that goes on there. And its updated so frequently that I can get my immediate dose of feminist commentary that keeps me sane.

They have coverage of Obama's recent (as in earlier today) speech dealing with racism and the media's focus on Rev. Wright and his controversial comments.

Melissa McEwan (head Shaker lady) wrote a brilliant response and I think her analysis of Obama (and his relationship with Hillary) is spot-on.

*Make sure you watch the You Tube video McEwan uses in this post. I was SHOCKED never having seen Obama treat Hillary that way in debate.
*All this aside, there's just no denying that Barack is a phenomenal speaker. We would be damn lucky to have him or Hillary as President. Talk about a 180 to go from George "I have a monkey's IQ" Bush to Obama's eloquence!!

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