Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gabrielle Union inspires me

I did not know that actress Gabrielle Union was a survivor of rape. Here in her interview with Oprah, she is so well-spoken-- she talks about trusting your instincts and not going to a second location. She also advocates for better teatment for victims, no matter what part of town they are from. As a survivor from a more affluent community, Union recognized that the excellent care she received from police and rape counselors was not the norm.

I've never seen Union in a starring role in her movies. But seeing how poised and honest and brave she is in this interview, I'm willing to bet she could and should be in some bigger, harder-hitting roles.

She seems like a truly thoughtful person and I admire her so much for sharing her story.

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Jeff Deutsch said...

Hello Tobes,

Thank you very much for sharing the Gabrielle Union interview. She really has courage, and I'm glad she at least got to see the rapist punished.

Keep up the good work!

Jeff Deutsch