Monday, October 06, 2008

Not that desperate!

So, in the middle of this huge economic tumble I am reminded of my own credit crisis. The one that started with college and then continued when I took an Americorps internship for 9 months and made about $400/month.

So I was sitting around thinking how much I hated my credit card balance and how much I wanted to start making money so I could travel and have stability and just.... be less worried.

So it occurs to me that with holiday season coming up (fast!) I could probably secure a temp job. I figured with my schedule, it'd either be waitress work or retail. The idea of serving food again nearly had me breaking out in hives. I also hated the idea of going back to retail and giving up any shot at a real holiday. Seriously, forget your turkey hangover, your ass will be in that store at 5 am day after Thanksgiving!

Naturally I was stoked to hear women in my office talking about a better job. A phone survey position that would run from now until election day. I was fuzzy on the details but was told it was something about "getting people out to vote."


I got a call back from the company and the woman and I are yammering on when she says, "Now would you have a problem calling people and encouraging them enthusiastically to get out and vote republican this year?"


Needless to say the rest of the conversation was a short one.

I could use the money. But I could use my soul more...


The Red Queen said...

I say take their money and use verbal jujitsu on the callees. Something like "We can't have 4 more years of this glorious war if you don't vote for McCain!" Or "McCain lived through the first Great Depression. He may not have an economic plan, but he's got experience!"

Ouyangdan said...

I was pretty much going to say what the Queen said.