Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy Friday!

Among the many silly Youtube hits out there (think numanuma and chocolate rain guy) there are some gems... And one of my favorites is the story of Christian the Lion.

The story is about two men, John Rendall and Ace Bourke who were living in London in the 60s. They saw a young lion cub in a cramped cage at a department store and decided to rescue it. Well, the rest, I'll let you watch...

In an interview with Meredith Vieira the two men talk about that beautiful moment that was captured on film.

"He ran toward us with such love and excitement in his eyes, and we felt exactly the same way. We were just so excited to see him, looking so big and healthy. The story had just turned out so beautifully, when it could have had a very different ending.”

Rendall referred to the film in describing the reunion. “You can see in that clip his body language,” he said. “When he first starts seeing us, he’s looking, looking. Is it us? Is it us? And then suddenly, he says, ‘Right, this is them.’ And down he comes. And there wasn’t a moment that we ever doubted that it was going to be a wonderful greeting … we never doubted it.”

Now Sony Pictures is trying to secure rights to make a movie based on the book Rendall and Bourke wrote in 1972, "A Lion Called Christian." That is another movie I'm definitely going to see.


Make sure to look at the slide show of lion pictures

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Ouyangdan said...

I LOVE that story.