Friday, September 12, 2008

Selling sexism to kids

It's no secret that wrestling shows are hugely popular with men. Not just adults, but plenty of young boys watch these shows and idolize their wrestlers. It's also no secret that wrestling's "plotlines" often revolve around racism, homophobia ands staggering displays of sexism.

For a great example of this, see the documentary "Wrestling with Manhood: Boys, Bullying and Battering." Now, other than that documentary (made in 2002), I watch zero professional "wrestling" on TV but-- from the looks of this... things haven't changed much.

Who better to talk politics than a roided-out, greased-up wrestler who talks about himself in the third person?

In this clip "Santino" laughs at the idea of a woman being chosen as John McCain's running mate. As if we weren't thisclose, to having a woman President in Hillary Clinton!

He claims McCain will "regret this decision" because of all the scandals coming out about Sarah Palin (good point.) But then he says, " Santino feels like he's watching an episode of desperate housewives." (sexist asshole non-point)

He also has this gem (which we've never heard before)...

Santino does not feel a woman should have a finger on the nuclear button -- what happens when Aunt Flo arrives and she doesn't get enough chocolate? Will this woman throw a tantrum? Santino knows best, ok?.... Women do not belong in the White House, except to clean the tub maybe! So please, Sarah Palin, do the world a favor... grab a dustbuster and just accpet your role okay?

Oh and that wouldn't be complete without the photoshopped photo of Palin in the Oval Office in a skanky maid's uniform.

Note to self: No offspring of mine will watch wrestling. EVER


Ouyangdan said...

Not that I am surprised, but that is seriously fucked up. To think of all the years I actually watched that shit and it flew right over my head. FTR, I haven't watched it in years, but I had a few college guy friends super into it, and we used to have weekly wrestling parties.

Santino can go fuck himself w/ his "Aunt Flo" reference. As if that is tired and cliche and trotted out before.


Renee said...

I can't believe that I used to watch this shit on a regular basis as a child. We would gather around the set to watch wrestling each week. It is only as I began to mature did I begin to see how problematic the whole thing was. Today it is banned in my household and neither of my children have ever seen it.

As for the idiot wrestler in the video, I have come to expect no better from them really. As much as I despise Palin this kind of attack could easily have launched at all women. Of course a business that profits off of isms is certainly going to do its best to promote to worst aspects of our society.