Monday, September 08, 2008

MTV Video Music Awards 2008

Some quick thoughts:

This whole opening montage creeped me out...

This "humor" didn't jive with me when I saw Superbad the first time! It's not that funny to trick a woman into unwanted sexual contact. I get that he's Jonah Hill and he's weird and awkward (and in no way in the same sphere as Britney Spears when it comes to attractiveness) but this just didn't get the yucks for me.

Also, Britney's been playing the role of sex object/fantasy figure since she was a young girl. When she "failed" to live up to that role by getting married, having kids, "gaining weight," public opinon violently turned on her. Then she had a huge mental breakdown. So yeah, where's the funny in demanding she play the willing, happy sex object again?

Sorry. Just my opinion...

Also, Jordin Sparks... the woman needs a lesson in PR. I know that's she anti-choice so it follows logically that she ascribes to other morality that puts women at a disadvantage-- for example that "chastity movement" which traditionally puts pressure on young women to equate total human value with the presence of a hymen.

During the show, host Russell Brand made off-color jokes about the Jonas Brothers having purity rings. When Sparks took the stage later she took the opportunity to rebut, not by saying that "there's nothing wrong with waiting to have sex or placing a high value on sex"... no she took a much less friendly approach.

"I just wanna say, it's not bad to wear a promise ring because not every guy and girl wants to be a slut, OK?"
Way to call half of the kids your age sluts ... and suggesting that anyone NOT following your line of morality deserves the cruel, anti-female slur of "slut."

Not impressed with her. She's not America's Idol -- she's Phyllis Schlafly's.

The VMA's (which I only watched part of, by the way) seemed normal otherwise -- convoluted staging with stilted acceptance speeches mixed in... but everything else aside, PINK made the night worth it.

(I love me some Pink)

Also I finally realized... hmmm, this Parmore band is kinda sweet and it's led by a rocker chick... something to check out!


Cola said...

Ugh on the slut comment... I can only imagine what that does to young girls who've caved to pressure or just feel like they can't "control themselves" because they've learned to see their sexuality as threatening and wrong.

What terrible role models.


Obviously we weren't big fans of the slut shaming comments either.

Sarah said...

I missed the Jordin Sparks thing, which is okay because I think she sucks and isn't talented anyway. I skipped over most of the Britney stuff too because, while it's nice to see her slowly being not crazy crazy anymore, I still find her irritating as hell.

As for Russell Brand, I think by far the best quote of the night was: "I think that is the best safe sex method of all time: use a condom, or become Republican!" Aaaaa-men!