Friday, September 19, 2008

Sexism against Palin

This is getting frackin' ridiculous! That poor anchor!

Also -- I was wondering when some version of this story would come along -- Todd Palin: 'first dude' or 'shadow governor?'

Ah yes-- how can it be that a woman in power isn't really puppeted by her husband?

But after reading the story, some red flags are going up:

- Palin copied her husband, Todd on hundreds of state e-mails
- Todd supposeldy "has spoken to numerous government employees" regarding trooper Mike Wooten and Walt Monegan
- Republican state Senate President, Lyda Green said she has a meeting with Gov Palin and was "particularly surprised that Todd was there. I had never seen a spouse stay in the room through the meeting."

So, what do we think? Questions about Todd's involvement... sexist or sound?


Anonymous said...

Depends how it's phrased. If it's about Todd Palin being unduly involved with government, as evidenced by XYZ, that's legit and not necessarily sexist. If it's just an assumption that he's "shadow governor" and will be calling the shots in the VP's office, with no examination of his past involvement in Sarah Palin's work as governor, then that's most likely going to be relying on women can't really govern/men actually hold the power/women are extensions of their husbands.

Tobes said...

I agree with you, pizzadiavola. Some of those things raised red flags with me, but it also bugs me because it's such a common sexist argument.