Tuesday, September 02, 2008

RNC convention arrests

I am trying to follow all this while at work and I'm just getting bits and pieces. Apparently 130 arrested protesters at the RNC convention are going to be charged with felonies. Reports are coming in that police are raiding homes at gunpoint and using projectiles, pepper spray and tear gas to disperse a crowd demonstrating near the convention site. From feministing...

Although videos now online do show blockades proceeding as originally planned, and one assault against an officer intended to intercede on a particularly rough arrest, I have yet to meet an eyewitness able to confirm the window-smashing or tire fires that supposedly brought out the National Guard.

Eyewitness accounts do, however, relay numerous tales of officers intimidating young people, refusing one woman who was suffering from heatstroke water (in fact, pouring a full bottle of it out in front of her face), violently threatening activists, and gleefully exclaiming with joy after impact rounds harm those standing by. Cops at other detainments have outright lied about the potential dangers of their weapons or actions (one told a detainee that tasers aren’t lethal in any circumstances.) Nine detainees are rumored to have been hospitalized this morning after constant calls that they receive the medical attention they require; no confirmation nor locale of hospitalization has yet been reported.

While there were some people who were using violence and vandalism, it seems as though police have stepped out of line as well. Check out feministing's coverage of the arrest of Amy Goodman.

Watch this video-- at about 1:05 you see how the police react to a group of protesters. Is it just me or does this not look like America at all but some war torn country?

The rest of these feature video and discussion of police raid of private homes where protesters were staying.

What do YOU make of this?

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