Thursday, September 15, 2005

Britney Spears = mom

Stop everything. Britney Spears has become a mother of a baby boy. Does anyone else feel that this might degrade the word "mother"? I know, I know, I shouldn't rip on her. It's too easy :) but I look at that woman and think- she is an "idol" to young girls everywhere? That's just no good. At all.

But getting back to the motherhood thing, one thing that shocked me was that Mrs. Spears/Federline/whatever had a cesarean section.

She had a c-section?! Not only that, Britney has been quoted as saying she hoped for a c-section because she "couldn't bear the thought of natural childbirth." I get the wanting to avoid natural childbirth-- pain = bad in my book. But I do not understand why a woman who makes her living out of tummy-baring shirts would choose C-section.

Doesn't she realize the muscles they cut will make her 1,000 sit ups a day a little more difficult? Or the new scar she'll have for her barely there outfits?

Maybe this is a sign that Britney is thinking of a more modest future now that she's a mama. Or maybe she's just completely nuts. Either way, the woman who gave us orgasms as sound effects and lyrics like "I'm a slave for you" is now raising a child. Stay tuned. This should be interesting.


greenwalled1 said...

I can't believe that people idolize dinkwads like Brittany Spears. I don't think you want to hear my opinion.

I've been told that C-Sections are more painful than natural childbirt... I wonder if that's that true...

JG Mango said...

Very dangerous op, the C-section, are you male or female?